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Consolidating multiple accounts

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On June 26, 2016 at 7:05 PM, rlehr1201 said:

I had 2 separate Evernote accounts - each containing many notes.  I have now upgraded one of these accounts to the Premium level.  How do I transfer the notes from the Basic account to the Premium account?   

On my Mac, I would use the export to enex format and then import to the new account
It transfers most of the note information, except for notebook, so a separate export is required for each notebook

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Hi.  Sorry to respond with what's going to seem like total overkill,  but 1) this post is something I can point to when mentioning this app again,  and 2) you may find the other features interesting anyway - provided you're a Windows user.  Seems to me in this case that when you're merging two accounts,  some bulk note handling might come in handy.

(Although I have to ask - have you thought of just sharing the basic account's notes to the premium account,  or switching between them?)

Let me introduce something produced by a developer who seems to specialise mostly in OneNote add-ins - it's Evernote Batch,  via OneNote Gem - http://www.onenotegem.com/evernote-batch.html

This,  as briefly as possible is a list of its features:


 insert 1 or more 1-month calendar tables into note(s)

Clear Note Content

 of selected notes, just keep title.


 change background and text colors

Create New Notes by List

 a reverse 'table of contents' feature. Create a note from each single line in a TXT file.

Duplicate Notes

 search for and delete duplicate notes based on tests from 'same content' to 'similar title/ content'


 remove all hyperlinks in checked note(s)

Line Spacing

 change the line spacing of notes in selected notebooks

Note Titles

 alter or delete title(s) of selected note(s) with search and replace feature + sequential numbering

Outlook Notes

 import notes from an Outlook HD folder to Evernote

Rename Notebooks

 Search & Replace renaming


 import or export Stacks containing one or more notebooks (good for shared hierarchies and templates)

Table Columns

 distribute column widths equally across a table

Table of Contents

 create a TOC for any bolded text in checked note(s). Links are created to that bolded text.

Table Style

 insert one of 35 column and header layout and color styles


 delete empty tags / export and import tag tree structure (good to set up new devices/ shared groups)


 remove all tags in selected note(s)

ToDo items

 remove all checked todo's in checked note(s) / sort checked todo's to the bottom of the note

Seems to me that some of these are features Evernote users have been dying (they posted) to get hold of.

There's a few disclaimers to go with this -

  • This is a paid-for Windows-only app which requires on first install that you downgrade your EN installation to v5.2 (via the link provided) and then re-update.
  • I have no connection with the software house other than being a (paid for) user and haven't used all of this app's features,  so YMMV
  • The app messes directly with your database,  so there's a potential to cause complete chaos if you're not focused.  Be careful,  sync often and KEEP BACKUPS!!
  • Evernote has changed the design of its database from time to time,  and whatever hooks this app uses could be engineered out of the picture at some future time. 
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I used a Notedup app to successfully transfer the data containing 7700+ notes (including the tags and notebooks)  to another Evernote account. No errors, but it takes 13 hours. This app can be downloaded from the Evernote China official website.

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