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Is Markdown supported yet, in Beta?

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Hi.  Not yet (AFAIK) - your link to the blog post includes mention of a utility that I've not seen before - http://marxi.co/ - which seems like a pretty good (and reasonably cheap) option if you need it.  The actual quote from Evernote was "Basic markdown will be a reality" although how basic wasn't exactly defined...

There's also https://notes.giggy.com

  • # Write Markdown
  • **Save it to Dropbox**
  • See it in Evernote

Works with
Atom - https://atom.io/
Sublime Text - http://www.sublimetext.com/
iTerm - https://www.iterm2.com/

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Hi.  Short answer,  no - not yet.  Reason (maybe)...

Editor issues:  Bullets / indents / tables / Markdown... adding features in any OS used to mean duplicating the exact same development work in all current versions of Mac and Windows,  and again in Android,  iOS and the Web.  To avoid this duplication Evernote instead rewrote the editor module so that one version would integrate with all the various Evernote clients.  That 'common editor' took years to write and introduce,  and work was completed at the end of 2016.  They're now in a position to go back to enhancing the editor more efficiently and no doubt we'll see improvements in 2017.

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The blog post says "Basic Markdown support", not full Markdown support. Currently in the Windows client, there are several Markdown-ish shortcuts available; see Tools / Options / Note / Note Editing Options: "Automatically format text elements". That's about it, at least so far.

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