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  1. Please have a look at Boostnote. quite promising.
  2. Yes and no. Internal database is a set of JSON files (check in Menu -> Storages). You can have multiple storages, and multiple files. All human readable. Can be put anywhere.
  3. No iOS and no Android is the biggest concern - true. I think the request is there, but the project is 6 month old and in that time a lot has been achieved! I am sure mobile will come too. As for sync - just create your folders in Dropbox and here you go - sync is there. For my purposes it is even better - I can control as to what sharing service I use (and I use also a private one, super encrypted, yada yada yada).
  4. actually this thing is working. Everything I have been asking for has been implemented - by another vendor Check out Boost note.
  5. Check out Boostnote - have multiple themes, including a dark one.
  6. If anyone is interested there is Boostnote: * Markdown support * vim mode * night mode Has presently issues with pasting images and no mobile client as yet. But the project is very young so I am hopeful. Myself giving it a go.
  7. Oh yeah. LaTeX in Evernote is a sweet dream. Here is the idea - this feature request is number one. I was thinking to raise a support request, something along the line - please implement. Thoughts?
  8. Good day, everyone. In the last few month this issue has been taken to be one of the top three. I perfectly realise that given the history there is little hope that Evernote will listen or act. Nevertheless I would like to try. Do you think you could help out by spreading the word? I would like to see this feature request to be the top one for the next stage and I think it is possible. We got it from just 36 votes (that's when I joined in) to 114 today - it should be possible to get half of that amount if we all try to get someone else to vote. Then there will be the next action - but I will come back on that one.
  9. Using Marxico still. Searching for Evernote replacement. As soon as I find one - I am off (well, unless Evernote comes around with Markdown and LaTeX support). P.S. Checked out Laverna App - great promise! If they pull it off, that would be a killing app for Enterprise use.
  10. Or stacked notebooks. Or password protected notebooks. Or markdown. Hey, I got a brilliant improvement idea! Close off the feature request part of the discussions! Remember when a group of software devs motioned Symbian rewrite at Nokia that has been turned down. $uits thought they were doing just fine there too. Took 3 years and Apple came along.
  11. Actually yes. I believe modern Markdown editors do support syntax highlighting in form of ```xml <hello>world</hello> ``` It is ironic that Evernote _FORUM_ does support syntax highlighting and advanced editing features such as code blocks, but the product that pays for the forum - does not.
  12. Markdown supports headings and ToCs - naturally built in anchor points. Please consider voting for markdown too?
  13. Indeed. Evernote should buy out Marxico and make it Advanced Mode editor. That will not only smash the competition (BearNotes, etc), but would also make a viable case for "Evernote as the Wiki". I would definitely consider switching my team to Evernote Wiki (with markdown) full on.
  14. Round trip is supported. The catch is, however, that one can not edit Marxico notes in Evernote. They are read only. But they are marked as Marxico, and you can open them up and edit in either web based marxico or in the standalone app. Check yourself - trial is 10 days. Love it - Flowcharts, Seq diagrams LaTeX - the whole nine yards of goodies.
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