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Notes missing in Windows Desktop

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I have on Windows 10.

I was editing notes in Evernote Web and noticed that my @INBOX notebook on the web had 11 notes and on my desktop it was 9. I found two notes that I had scanned in this morning from my ScanSnap scanner on my Mac were in my EN account on the web, but they didn't sync down to my Windows machine. I scanned in 5 notes actually, so 3 made it, 2 didn't.

To fix these, I simply edited them in the web, added tags and changed the titles to be meaningful. Those changes were enough to tell Windows to pull them down.

However, now I am wondering if there are other missing from other notebooks in my database. Is there a way to force a resync to ensure everything is on my PC? What is odd is this is a fresh install of Windows 10 (last Thursday actually, just at a week old) and a fresh install of Evernote with a full download of my EN data. I never move .exb files between machines. I don't really want to do another full download as it is 16,000+ notes and just at 8GB of data.

If I press CTRL the HOME menu in EN, there is an "Optimize Database" option. Would that do it? I know there is a way to do it on iOS without a fresh download, but not sure exactly what "Optimize Database" does when it works. 

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Don't think Optimize Database will help, but shouldn't hurt anything.  This has happened to me in the past, though not recently. 

My fix was to compare notebook totals and then deal with those that didn't match. 

  1. If one matches the server, I did an all notes Ctrl-A Ctrl-C on both PCs (don't know the Mac equivalent) and dropped the lists into excel and did a compare to find the issues;  A bit of brute force I suppose. 
  2. When the issue was with the web totals not matching the PC, I added a dummy tag to notes on the PC data base (typically working backwards 30 days worth of notes at a time since I thought it was most likely a more recent note).  Sync and compare the tag totals to the note totals for the time frame on the web.  If the same do another 30 days.  If not, if the web had more notes, find the note, if the web had less notes, delete the tag on the web and find the remainder on the PC after the sync.  More brute force.  

Not fun no matter which.  Never did know what caused it.  FWIW.

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