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Caret moves to beginning of note when pasting text

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Using the latest release, v6.1.2, I still see the issue whereby the text insertion caret moves to the beginning of the note when pasting text. This happens when I cut multiple lines of text and then past those multiple lines of text somewhere else in the middle of the note.

I expect that immediately after pasting, the caret should be visible at the end of the last line of the pasted text, just like in every other application that handles text.

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@Austin G Did you miss the part where I specified I'm using v6.1.2 ?

Does anybody at Evernote try to paste lines of text within a note? It's unbelievable how long this bug has been present. It's really basic/fundamental stuff.

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@eldrin Sorry. I did. I thought you were experiencing this with the 6.1.1 beta, not 6.1.2. I see that you clearly indicated 6.1.2.

Please use the link in my signature to create a support ticket with your activity log attached. Thanks. 

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No, there's no need for me to log a ticket. You guys at Evernote are well aware of the issue by now. And it's very easy for you to reproduce. You can log a ticket yourselves, on your end.

Evernote still can't be reliably used for basic text manipulation. Like cut and paste.

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  • Austin G changed the title to Caret moves to beginning of note when https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/96592-caret-moves-to-beginning-of-note-when-pasting-text/pasting text
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@eldrin I recognize the frustration of editing issues, and I understand how they can be stressful. I apologize for the inconvenience. In most cases submitting a ticket ensures that Evernote Support has the necessary info documented so that it can get to the Dev. team. I see that you have posted detailed steps in another post, and a ticket has been submitted. Thanks. 

18 hours ago, Michael Goulding said:

I agree, this has been raised plenty of times, no need to burden 'support' for a known bug.

In my tests, I found that the similar issue with ver 6.0.6 caused the note focus to scroll to the top of the note after pasting. When following @eldrin's steps the note focus remained in the same spot, but the cursor jumped to the top. They're likely related, but not 100% the same. The details are important to help isolate issues. Thanks for your understanding. 

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3 hours ago, Austin G said:

The details are important to help isolate issues.

Well, the only "detail" that I needed to report is that you need to cut some text and then you need to paste the text. Not exactly a very complicated or difficult problem to spot, is it?

The bug has been present for at least a year, maybe even 2 years. It boggles the mind to think that none of the staff at Evernote have ever tried to cut and paste some text in a note.

It's no wonder there's so much frustration from the userbase when it's apparent that absolutely no testing is happening at Evernote for even the most basic of things.

In the main thread for the v6.1 release I've also put the steps for another issue where 2 nodes remain simultaneously selected in the Left Pane. That has also been happening for years, and I wonder how many more years it will take for that basic bug to get fixed, and how many discussions it will take in the forums before anybody at Evernote eventually "notices" it.

When my Premium subscription runs out, I think I'll just stick with the free, basic account. I don't feel like paying any money to a company that doesn't actually even use their own product and doesn't even notice the most basic and fundamental of problems for many years.

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