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How do I search for #this so that it excludes "this" without the #

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20 minutes ago, fred2112 said:

I just want notes with "#this" either in tags or in my notes body but whenever I use #this it returns any results with this in.


I don't think that is possible for note body content. if you want to tag a note body content, you should add something other than just a symbol to differentiate. Like: #this1

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Or you can use the underscore as a prefix.  Underscore is about the only, if not the only, searchable special character within text.   So _this will be searchable within note text.  Some of the other special characters are searchable in tags, for example I use the following as prefixes to facilitate tag selection drop downs.  FWIW.

  • ! for TSW
  • _ for years
  • + for account numbers
  • = for people
  • for projects
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