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  1. Thanks. 10+ years on and the elephant is a dinosaur. How sad ...but I'm finally giving up. It just never really got there. Always had amazing promise but lost it's way somewhere. BooHoo (really!)
  2. yep that worked - thanks. Personal crisis avoided lol!
  3. Thanks, you're right it wont solve the issue but it will allow me to keep notes (9 years of paying premium) in a searchable basic account.
  4. my bad yes local. This will help if I can do that ass most (not all) my notes are currently in the local notebooks. I'll try that now thnks
  5. sure. I exported all individual notebooks in html and enex. then created offline notebooks for each and them moved all notes into the corresponding offline notebooks. so basically no online notes left. TBH EN support have been no use during this whole process. Simply they could have just let me create a new account and make it plus then I could have made my current premium account basic at the end of the month (annual renewal time). Instead they just kept telling me plus was no longer available. After 9 yearrs I think I'm done. Windows desktop spend most of it's time waiting...has done for the last 3 or 4 years and I've never uploaded more than 1GB in a month anyway. Recently I've been just running web and android but there were things I couldnt do without desktop. So I thought I'd get a new clean install and start again with mountable local notes only to find they are not mountable and will still impact the desktop useability. I'm toying with the idea of doing this myself with a descktop database then at least it will be within my control. I dont see a future for EN any more they are just too slow to adapt/fix/innovate. Just can't believe I put up with it for so long. Hmmm sorry for the gripe....wasn't intending that.....I guess I'm just a bit dpressed about it all 😞
  6. actually what about history....could I roll ALL the notes back to before I moved them to local?
  7. So after exporting all 15000 (22gb) of notes to local notebooks only to find it's not what I expected, how do I get them back? do I have to buy extra premium or do I have to wait and do it over 3 months? cheers
  8. yeh after creating several offline notebook that's what I am finding. Wasted many hours on this now! Grrrr! 😉 Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
  9. I want to have portable offline notes on a usb stick then mount them when necessary. Can this be done?
  10. Hi, when I exported my notebook it split into several enex files. When I come to import, do I need to import all the files seperately or does it know to pickup all of the split files without user intervention? thnx
  11. it looks like this for me. other templates like weekly seem fine
  12. this is not formatted correctly in my evernote web. Does anyone have the same issue and have a solution? thanks
  13. okay that's interesting! of course I have no EN desktop database now but I guess I may need to create one again to do the export of notes. If that is the case then I may look into that before I go ahead. Cheers.
  14. well the main problem was that windows EN just didn't work and kept hanging. I would go to use it and it would take a minute and a half to wake up. - even just typing a new note. Stuck with it for years like that but then gave up and moved to web only. But now I come to merge and do other stuff I realise that web doesn't do it. It is nice to know that stuff is there if I really need it so starting again would probably be cutting off my nose to spite my face so to speak - although there is no real spite going on anywhere! EN does seem to be getting better since the shift in management from what I've seen over the past year so giving windows a go again with fewer notes and a better tagging system is something I want to do. Tried one note but it wasn't for me. Most of my day to day stuff is now in ms office & simplemind. It would be sooo cool to have that(simplemind) integrated into EN! Remote access via splashtop means I can get access most times but it's not ideal and certainly not what I envisaged when I started with EN back in the day.
  15. Thanks everyone. I've been considering splitting for a while. I'm gonna just go ahead and do it. Then maybe I will actually be able to retrieve some stuff from my 15000 notes! Of course the non-retrieval thing probably suggests I don't even need a second account just delete it all and start again!!!! ....and so goes my LOVE/hate relationship with EN ;-). maybe anti hoarding therapy would be more appropriate. 🙂 cheers
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