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  1. I guess I don't disagree with you too much here. Just felt like a winge. Being a big user of local notebooks it felt okay to give a bit of finger. I will delete it though as it solves nothing. 🙂
  2. It appears but no it's never been searchable on Android. That is what confused my issue from the start I think. It IS searchable if the title is removed. All seems good still though. My testing is still showing small notes are searchable after a few minutes. I'll be happy I think if EN keeps performing like this. I'm trying to setup more dynamic notes and todo system which is pretty interactive hour by hour so significant delays will make it useless but if it stays under 5 mins or so I think it will be okay for me. I hope finally I get to trust EN again. It's been a long time!!
  3. yeh it's a note. Here is the export. Evernotepower of note.enex edit.... just found I can search it in windows desktop but not on android.
  4. Its the one titled "the power of the note" and is there when a new account is created. I am unable to search the body text. eg searching for "tracking" does not return this note.
  5. @PinkElephant Yes I think you may be correct that maintenance had some effect. It makes sense. It was probably made worse that, one... it was the first time coming back to evernote with some serious work for a while, and two... the initial testing was done on an internal evernote note that is not returned in searches I guess by design. I think this is why it appeared that EN was not indexing for such a long time when in actuality it was probably more like only a few hours max. That is still too long even with maintenance but hopefully that was exception rather than the rule. Still worrying though is that report that android was only returning searched on titles. Searching as a core activity with EN so should be flawless IMO and any issue should be dealt with immediately. I've tested many times now and no problems with new searches since. Cheers All!
  6. so far so good. over the last hour or so Ive created a fair few one word notes and all have been searchable within a few minutes. So... fingers crossed it's solved! 🙂
  7. Thanks guys I was aware of the lag for OCR and that premium had priority but didn't think there was lag for standard text. I just tried again with the new basic account and I'm testing with text only. Actually just a moment ago a batch of notes got searchable even ones with only a few minutes life. However now its back to the same. I create a note with one word, search it and it comes back as no note found. I also created a one word note same as one from the batch that came good and it only displayed the note from that batch not both. It does look like maybe there is very low prioritisation for non-premium accounts. many hours is a bit much though if that is the case....especially when plus is STILL paid. I'll see how it goes over the next few days. cheers
  8. did you just make the new note? I can find old notes just not new in the last 24 hrs
  9. yeh I get it. I'm venting too I guess ....because I have looked in the past and stuck with EN. But it NEVER worked properly. For years I couldnt get it to work on windows to the point where I moved all my notes and started again (and that was very very difficult with no help from support either - and they never solved the windows issue where it would just hang for minutes on end (on any PC I had.) But the end of the day what is the point in saving a note if I can't get it back. Surely this is CORE stuff. I never had issue with this particular problem even 10 years ago. Even windows search is better at finding stuff than evernote. I am so incredibly hacked off right now!
  10. btw... is this non-indexing/searching of notes body a known issue currently (temp or permanent)? I did see something about only titles being searchable on android now. I would normally check this out with support but I lost chat when I moved to plus.
  11. I heard some blogger talking about apple notes. Does anyone know if this is any good? I dont do apple but may be convinced to carry an iphone if it works. I never heard of apple notes before though.
  12. Thanks DTLow but I honestly don't know how you can say that. I think you have far better experience than I. Evernote doesn't even retrieve text notes that I have added over the last few days. Finally after a 6 month job I reduced my notes and started again with a smaller set but even this hasn't helped. It's totally unacceptable to not even index notes now. Not sure if it's because I've moved from premium to plus but I got sick of paying premium for years and years still not being able to use it. In the 10 years I've had it Evernote has been fantastic to save notes and totally cr*p to retrieve them. This last issue with not even indexing bog standard text is the last straw. I honestly don't know how they can keep going with such a pathetic offering and I'm totally sick of putting endless hours in to keep it alive on my end.
  13. Hi, I urgently need to find some good software or service for note taking and information storage and retrieval. I would like to make notes using android and windows text apps and take photos of handwritten notes. These notes must be easily and reliably retrieved via good search syntax. Syncing is also important. Ideally I would also like check boxes and tables. The most important aspect to the software is that it must work and be reliable. I do know of one service that is marketed as doing this type of stuff but it is very much a waste of time, has pathetic service is too expensive for a faulty product and always fails when it is needed the most. I really really need a good working solution - Does anyone have a great solution please. ..... and honestly I am not pulling anyone's leg. It is a REAL and serious request. cheers
  14. Thanks. 10+ years on and the elephant is a dinosaur. How sad ...but I'm finally giving up. It just never really got there. Always had amazing promise but lost it's way somewhere. BooHoo (really!)
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