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Where is the tags full view

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Ever since I updated to Evernote 6.0.6 version on Windows 10, I am unable find the full view of tags in central panel. Earlier, when I clicked on "Tags" node in left panel I got full view of all the tags in the central panel. There I could rearrange the tags in hierarchical presentation pretty easily. I could just select multiple tags, scroll horizontally to view appropriate parent tag and drop on to it.

In the current update, selecting "Tags"gives me the notes  as result for the search "tag:*" instead of view of all the tags in central panel . That means, I have only one method left to rearrange  my tags- that is to use the left panel. But it becomes quite cumbersome, as I have numerous tags. Scrolling on to the tags tree in left panel to drop a selected tag under a parent node is very slow and prone to errors.


Please restore the old view, or add a "move to tag" in context menu of tags.


Attached image shows the current update(Evernote 6.0.6) view.




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In the latest prerelease version 6.1.0, that Tags view is back. You can get the prerelease version if you check "Enable beta features and updates" in Tools > Options.  Or you can wait for the next General Availability release which I'm sure will have the Tags view as you want it.


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