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  1. I am using Windows 10, 8GB DDR3, i7 processor on laptop. I have around 95K notes as news articles, 2K words each. Instant search while typing is disabled for me.
  2. Searches are usually slow, and even freezes the app, when number of notes are very large. It is frustrating and keeps the user waiting. I am using Evernote as a news feed reader. If I want to fire a search, I would most of the time require results say top 10 or top 20 from the most recently created/updated notes. This creates a case for a feature requirement, where search process suspends (and not continue searching exhaustively), after displaying such specified number of results, with a "More.." button at the end. If the user wishes, he can continue to get more results, by clicking the button. It will save time and resources, and make the app responsive.
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