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  1. Dont worry, like i said, i have a dell laptop for when i need the full evernote features, but for creating handwritten notes, annotating in pdfs, reading and drawing i think the ipad still won the competition here, dont you agree? The things are separate here, working on evernote for researching and stuff is one thing, the other is creating to keep in evernote.
  2. I already tried the photoshop thing, but it demands a really big effort and time, ill keep going slow with that, not hurry, just turn into a habit and wait for the magic to happen, actually i need to get back to this lol, its been 6 months since i decided it, no habit till now.
  3. Im so sorry to forgot to mention that i already have a dell notebook for when i need full programs like photoshop for example, or other examples, that ipad would be my primary way to study things, annotate, draw, stuff like that, but for real work if i have to do, ill go for my dell and do my spreadsheet there, writing maybe, video editing if i need, you got the point. Ill edit the post right now for remembering that so i can get new answers.
  4. But the thing is i want go a little more paperless but with the organic feeling of the paper, i already have a dell notebook at home for when i need some full features(forgot to mention that) Im really thinking about the creative thing, and the draw apps could be a good way to start drawing again without having to learn a world about the photoshop for example.
  5. So guys, need your help, im going to college again(nutrition) and i want to be more paperless and efficient, beside that i like studying different kind of subjects, but unfortunately i have to keep printing pdfs for annotation and things like that, i also have a notebook with me for frequent annotations on things i find interesting, or read, saw somewhere. My main question is, which could be the right device for that use, handwriting notes, annotate on pdfs, draw, read ebook and make annotations there(points, arrows, handwritten notes, post its), save web articles for studying, ill use the evernote to keep all of them in the same place, but i need the manual thing on a portable device or ill start to get way too much mechanic and not creative, i like mind maping, drawing, highlighting, colors, for my learning. From what i saw, the ipad pro together with the notability app or the good notes 4 would be a good call(i heard those are good together with the evernote), but im new in this world and i want some suggestions, thats it, i currently have a lg g4, and this would be my first apple device maybe, need help. Edit: I already have a dell notebook for when i need a true desktop.
  6. I was so lost after they got this off, i hope this way of viewing tags dont disappear anymore, btw i enabled beta features for getting this back.
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