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Evernote Continually Duplicating notes on Sync

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I am running Evernote on Windows 7. For the last couple of weeks I've been experiencing a problem where I'm creating a new note with a large attachment, typically a PDF of a couple of megabytes and Evernote when synching decides to continually duplicate this note.  Sometimes I'm not noticing this until the following day by which time I have hundreds of copies of the same note!  Today for example, I had around 270 copies of a note I created yesterday containing 3 PDF files totaling 5.4MB - so over 1.5GB was added to the size of my Evernote database!  This is also eating into my upload allowance.

To remedy the situation I have to switch off synching on the two clients I use and then delete the notes on each client and in the online database.

My database is now over 6GB, most of this in the Trash folder, I have tried removing them from trash but it either isn't doing so or taking a long time.

What can be causing this and how can I stop it?

Would it be corruption in the database? 

Is there anyway to fix, rebuild and recover space the database?





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Hi.  From previous experience,  duplicate notes seems to be related to an intermittent or a bad network connection.  Your comment about large file attachments would support that view - if sync fails halfway through,  a new note might be set up more than once.  I'd suggest checking your connection as far as you can.  Also: are you working through a firewall or over a network?  Maybe there's a software conflict somewhere that affects your connection.  Try saving your notes to a Local Notebook to see if duplicates still arise.  You can move them to a synced notebook later.

If the issue continues,  raise the matter with Support - there's a little confusion regarding a new support page currently - try this one initially:  https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new  but if you're not seeing a link to a support ticket request,  go directly there:  https://evernote.com/contact/support/ticket/

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This is way out there but just in case.  Are you using import folders to get the PDFs into EN.  If so, and you don't have delete source set, then every time you cycle EN the PDFs will be added to EN again.  Probably not the issue, but it is a way to replicate notes unintentionally.



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