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Windows 10 - Crashing - Sync issues - Crashing - Sync issues

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This has gotten really bad and I have followed all the suggestions ->restarts, purged trash folder, reinstall (with restart)

Its just won't stop happening. Whats going on ? 

Is this happening to anyone else ?

Man I cannot deal with this. 

I hate to say it but I am thinking about going over to Google Keep.

WTF !?!






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I've been having the same problem. I have one particularly large note that contains a large number of PDFs, and while it appears on the Web app, the PDFs don't load. I switched from a Mac to a PC yesterday, and the note had some difficulty opening on the Mac, but when I try to start Evernote on the PC, the app will hang for a minute and then crash without any notification. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and restarting the computer several times. All I can get it to do is load, and the note is blank, then nothing. 

I'm thinking I'll have to switch to OneNote (shudder), but I'll have to figure out how to get access to this note, first. It's a whole year's worth of work!


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You might try the fallback: the Evernote web client. https://evernote.com/, Sign In.

For diagnosing the Windows problem, look for the Evernote application logs. Should be in "C:\Program Data\Evernote\Logs\", look for .txt files starting with "AppLog"; the last dated one may contain a clue as to what's happened to crash Evernote. If you're a paying user, you can access Customer Service. For uninstalling Evernote, som epeople have had luck using Revo Uninstaller (it's free), then reinstalling.

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I uninstalled with Revo, rebooted a couple of times, tried again, rinsed and repeated a couple more times. The note actually showed up in the preview window the last time, but it just keeps hanging. The last time, I was quick and managed to click around to a few other notes, and they were fine. This particular one is full of PDFs of PowerPoint images (since EverNote on my Mac couldn't copy and paste slides correctly), so I think it might just be a matter of the one note being too large for the app to handle it. 

I tried importing to OneNote, and the importer couldn't deal, either. I'm not sure what to do other than go through an entire semester's worth of work and figure out which slide goes to which attachment after copying/pasting with another note-taking program. 

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I tried the Evernote web client, and everything there is fine, but the PDFs of PowerPoint slides show as attachments rather than inline, which doesn't help me. I frequently search notes for words located in the PDFs, and recognize what I need to find in the notes by how the PDFs are ordered/look. 

I've uninstalled Evernote completely, and there is no crash log, so I'm just going to (slowly) recreate my notes through OneNote, instead. I'm not a paid user, so I can't get access to Customer Service. C'Est la vie. 

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