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  1. I didn't like the way your service subscription and serviced changed. It was disruptive and annoying. I had just set up my migration to OneNote and intended to switch when up popped the discount offer. As useful as Evernote is, I always wanted a better calendar feature so your change in pricing was the perfect excuse to switch. I'm staying for the time being. Funny how much Evernote Corp limits the way which people can give you feedback. I didn't want to publicly speak up, but a quick and easy way to convey my concerns privately was impossible. Peace
  2. This has gotten really bad and I have followed all the suggestions ->restarts, purged trash folder, reinstall (with restart) Its just won't stop happening. Whats going on ? Is this happening to anyone else ? Man I cannot deal with this. I hate to say it but I am thinking about going over to Google Keep. WTF !?!
  3. My problem is that Sticky Notes stopped syncing a few days ago. Any comments or suggestions ?
  4. Go to the Evernote Knowledge Base type in TEMPLATE. You get nothing. Look through all the features and toolbar menus, and you will find nothing about Templates. I just feel like this is very intentional omission, and I think it because it does not fit into Evernote's business model. How else can you explain it ? From the users perspective Templates could be an extremely useful feature, yet somehow that feature does not exist. Oh sure I can copy and paste, but why should Evernote users have to resort to that ? I think that answer must lead us to the financial side of Evernote, that if all users were able to create templates, they could easily share them with others and there is no revenue in that. The sheer volume of creative energy that would be unleashed would probably create a disincentive for developers or at least certain kinds of developers. If there is a official explanation for why a clear and direct template feature does not exist, I would like to read it. Say what you will, but I dream of TEMPLATE TRUNK. The fact that it does not exist is telling. Maybe there is a "TEMPLATE TRUNK" and I don't know about, but then if there is, it should be easy to find.
  5. Hussein Is http://feedback.kustomnote.com/ still active ? There is hardly anything listed there ? Its also not a link on http://www.kustomnote.com. Is your project still active ? Is there a way to see the update history of Kustomnote ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other than Kustomnote, are there any alternatives for non-apple users ?
  6. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with the Sticky Note developers. I would like to talk to them. Its an awesome app that I would like to encourage further developement.
  7. PLEASE TELL PEOPLE WHEN THEY CANNOT UPGRADE ! I unistalled my old verision thinking that is why i did not get the new version. Now that i know that the new version is not available, I would like to get the old version. Please help
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