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Note linking has been around for a while,  And yes, you do have to right click on a note or select Note from the menu bar to find it.  I've stumbled on some of the functions I use frequently via these forums and just general menu checking.

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4 hours ago, yorcharturo said:

Right click to have private links to link notes between each other on the new evernote

Since you posted in the Evernote Web forum, I assume you are asking about the EN Web client.

If you right-click on the Note title in the Note list, you should see an option for "Copy Note Link to Clipboard".
There is no "Note menu" for the EN Web client.

If you paste this into another Note, it will be pasted as an internal link.  If you paste it outside of the EN Web client, it will be pasted as an external link.  In both cases though, it is a private link, requiring your account credentials to view.

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