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  1. You can use Marxi.co and write in Markdown, I'm trying it to write more complex in my iPad, because of the table support and other formatting that is not possible with the Evernote app, and it's super easy to sync. The macOS client (Evernote's) is great, but the iOS is still behind. http://marxi.co
  2. Make multiple selection and allow the combination of notes.
  3. Right click to have private links to link notes between each other on the new evernote, if that feature already exists is way to well hidden.
  4. I love the look, it is quite elegant an minimalist, but in reality it is more difficult to use, there are many tools missing (alarms to name one very important), and there is a lot of unused space, I don't like that it starts with a new note instead of showing me my latest notes. Although it is prettier, I think the old one is a real working tool.
  5. may be you should take your own advice, Nokia alone sold over 100 million symbian devices last year, 2010, all of the Android hardware vendors together sold less than that, the Nokia N8 released in the last Q sold over 5 million devices. And this people have money since most of those phones where sold unsubsidize with real money. The most successful Android sold 10 million all year. And Apple sold 46 million iOS phones and devices all year. You should also check the market share and sales of app stores, Nokia's Ovi store is in third place behind Apple and Rim, it is bigger than Android's app store.
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