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General search with exception

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2 hours ago, Chris Textor said:

Is it possible to do a general search but to exclude one or multiple books?

I use Evernote also as to do list (The Secret Weapon).

However, I would like sometime to search thru all books except the Action closed book.

Sorry, you can't do this with notebooks.

You can do this with tags, using the -tag:xxxxx search option.

This is a good reason for converting from notebooks to tags.  

As a workaround,

- You could assign a temporary tag to all the notes in the notebook using the mass change option.  This will the allow you to use -tag: option

- You can put your desired set of notebooks in a stack and include the stack in your search

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Workaround but may not be what you want, if you put all notebooks but Action closed in a stack, you can then search that stack.  Upside it will work, downside may not be the notebook structure you want.  FWIW.

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