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Evernote fails to open note from direct URL on windows 10

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Since I receive the last version of evernote the application is no longer responding to URL such as evernote:///view/1872691/s16/3...

This used to open directly the note inside of evernote.  Now Evernote doesn`t seem to receive it anymore.

Anyone else experience this problem and has been able to resolve it?



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Where are you putting the links and what browser are you using?  If I remember the first time you use an EN link you are asked whether to open in browser or desktop.  After that it still opens in the browser but also opens in the desktop.  Don't know if the version update effected that.  Sill on 5.8 here.

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I am using google chrome and just did some new test based on the questions you asked.

I am referring to the link to the note that we get when we do a CTRL->"Copy Note Link" from Evernote.  I store such link inside Remember The Milk tasks to go directly to the Evernote notes associated with the task.

The new tests revealed a situation with my Chrome and not Evernote.  If I paste the link inside of Internet Explorer our Edge then the evernote note will open as expected.  It is a new problem with the recent update from chrome as it used to work up to some point last week.  

I'll try to resolve this problem...

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