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I don't like my title, but I can't think of a good way to say it in just a few words. What I want is a way to either make evernote stop syncing so often or make it stop showing the little "syncing complete" thingy. I don't add anything to Evernote very often. When I do, I certainly want it saved in the cloud right away, so auto-syncing is fine that way. Today I installed an update so I'm not running (Public), and, as has happened before, I'm getting the "sync completed" about every half hour or so. DOS 1.0 was able to show whether a file had been archived or not. If a note hasn't been edited it shouldn't need to be synced again and again and again. I probably wouldn't complain, but the damned "sync completed" pops up on top of my browser's corner, covering the scroll bar arrows. Just an annoyance, but still a problem.

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17 hours ago, Procopius said:

I'm getting the "sync completed" about every half hour or so.

You can uncheck the "Enable Sync Notifications" within the sync settings to disable  the "sync complete" notification. 

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