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On March 5, 2016 at 11:20 PM, Notizbuch in Notizbuch said:

create notebooks in notebooks

How about tags?
Not so much nested but why not the following: Tag-Hotel, Tag-Germany, Tag-Italy
You would then assign multiple tags to the note.
You could even have a Saved Search: Hotels in Germany

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On 3/5/2016 at 1:20 AM, Notizbuch in Notizbuch said:

It would be perfect, if it would be possible to create notebooks in notebooks.  For example in a notebook called Hotel a notebook called Germany, USA, Italy and so on

For the use case you stated, I agree you would probably better served using tags.  For example, I have two tag hierarchies that relate to this:

  • Travel
    • Lodging
    • Air
    • Auto
    • Ship
    • etc
  • Locations
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • USA
    • etc

So then, I can assign as many of these tags as needed for a particular note.  
For example,

  • I might have a note about air travel from the USA to Italy.  So it would have tags of "Air", "USA", "Italy", "Travel"
  • Another note about hotels in Italy.  It would have "Italy" and "Lodging", "Travel"
  • So now I can easily search for all of my travel info in Italy:
    tag:travel tag:italy 

Having said that, there are definitely some use cases where Notebooks make more sense.  Unfortunately Evernote has very strict limits on the use of Notebooks.  So I designed a system using what I call "pseudo notebooks".  For more info see:
Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks

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@Notizbuch in Notizbuch,

something to be aware of from the outset with a nested tag-based system when it comes to searching its hierarchy from any parent tag "downstream"...

Selecting a "parent" tag does not necessarily bring up all the notes associated with "children" tags nested thereunder. It could bring up a total of zero results (if it is simply a "placeholder" tag)... or it could bring up everything (the notes of all children tags) - if you've tagged all notes associated with children tags with it and/ or a series of ancestor tags.

You would be able to search all the way up or down a hierarchy of nested tags at any "level" only if all children tag's notes were additionally tagged with all ancestors up the line.

IOW, unless you've done some preliminary tagging groundwork, it would be like picking up an empty Matryoshka doll (only getting "top-level" notes with "Big Mama")... or if "Big Mama" were a "placeholder" tag, you might try to pick it up and find it's a holographic image of Big Mama, returning zero notes.

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