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New orange emojis - are there more?

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I recently discovered shortcut emojis that are orange.  I typed a colon and a capital P for the little sticking-out-your-tongue guy and instead of remaining simply as symbols, it changed to a little orange dude, sticking out his tongue.  When I looked at the emoji list, it isn't there.  Just wondering if others have discovered "hidden" emojis and if there are more...

I googled "orange emoji evernote" and found absolutely nothing.  So, I thought I'd ask on the forum.



Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.22.28 PM.png

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Thanks, Dave-in-Decatur. I like them, too, Sayre. 

I am able to create them on both my Mac and my android phones. I did not even attempt to delete them - just thought they were cool and different. I hope they aren't considered a glitch or bug. 

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I get them on my Android phone, but not the Windows desktop program, so it seems to be functional only on Android and Mac.

In the Web version, using a slightly outdated version of Opera I get little orange boxes: ?. But using Internet Explorer, I get no emojis at all. Peculiar all the way round.

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