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Why are some of my notes automatically tagged?

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I'm not talking about the webclipper, there are some notes that already come with tags when I create them. Is this a new feature? Have I configured it to work this way without realizing?


By the way, it would be an awesome feature. I have some notebooks where every note inside has multiple tags (I'm a med student, so for example, I have a notebook for embryology and all notes inside are tagges with: Med, medicine, embriology) and being able to set this up automatically would be a boost.

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Would this be notes created via email

Automatically file email into notebooks with related notes

By default, emails sent into Evernote go into your default notebook. If you frequently save emails into Evernote and organize them with similar notebooks and tags, you can enable auto-filing. When you forward an email into Evernote, auto-filing will look for similar notes inside your account and apply the same notebook and tags.

Enable auto-filing from your personal settings in Evernote Web.

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4 hours ago, Vitruvia said:

there are some notes that already come with tags

Nope, notes created through the windows app.

I'd say this is a bug and you should open a support ticket.
They will probably ask you to do some self help stuff; reboot your device; reinstall the app

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Hi.  Don't know whether the Clipper settings affect new note creation too,  but there's a 'smart tag' setting in there you could check..*

.. and how are you creating your new notes?  With a click from the installed desktop toolbar?  On the browser version 'new note' link? 
Ctrl+N ?

Please let us know when you figure this out!


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