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  1. I know this has been a recurrent subject: many people ask about syncing in two different computers. My issue with this matter—which I think hasn't been talked about yet—is why can't we select which notebooks to sync on each computer. For example: I have a home pc with more space than I can use, and I have a notebook which I use at college. I'd like to have access to certain notes in this particular notebook, but I don't want to download everything in there (it hasn't got that much space, and is also shared by many members of the family). Moreover, I'd there are many notes which I need for a particular lesson or group discussion or for a particular class, and once that's over, I wouldn't have any immediate need for such notes; i'd still like to keep it on my main computer at home, for further reference and so on, but I wouldn't need it on my day to day at college. Is there a particular reason why we can't get a feature like that? or am I the only one who thinks this is something useful?
  2. I have I have. It doesn't work for PDFs... The line breaks remain. I think some sort of code is needed to remove that.
  3. I'm on Windows. I'll use that site for now. =]
  4. I use the evernote for studying and there are many times when I copy text into the program. Because many texts come in the PDF format, it would be really good if we had a function that lets us remove all those annoying line breaks that come when we copy these kinds of text. Is it possible for us to have a function like that? It would be something like this site.
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