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  1. I know this has been a recurrent subject: many people ask about syncing in two different computers. My issue with this matter—which I think hasn't been talked about yet—is why can't we select which notebooks to sync on each computer. For example: I have a home pc with more space than I can use, and I have a notebook which I use at college. I'd like to have access to certain notes in this particular notebook, but I don't want to download everything in there (it hasn't got that much space, and is also shared by many members of the family). Moreover, I'd there are many notes which I need for a particular lesson or group discussion or for a particular class, and once that's over, I wouldn't have any immediate need for such notes; i'd still like to keep it on my main computer at home, for further reference and so on, but I wouldn't need it on my day to day at college. Is there a particular reason why we can't get a feature like that? or am I the only one who thinks this is something useful?
  2. I was thinking, do we need notebooks at all? From what I see, one could replace a notebook with just one extra tag. For example, you have a notebook about bears, inside this notebook you have several information about bears like their physical attributes, their habits, etc. Let's say you are using a tag for each of these things: you'll have a notebook called Bears and many notes tagged with either physical, habits, etc. Now, if you wanted to search for just the physical attributes of bears, you could go into your Bears notebook, choose "search inside this context only" and choose the physical tag. What I'm asking is, how more effective is this when compared to simply adding a Bears tag to every note about bears, and when you want to search for the physical attributes of bears, you just choosing both Physical and Bears tags? On top of that, I feel notebooks make it difficult when you have converging subjects. Let us say, for example, I have an article about what types of honey are preferred by bears, now let us say I also have a notebook about honey, and that I'd like to have this information on both my Bears notebook and on my Honey notebook. To do that, I'd have to copy the note into both notebooks, and thus I'd have duplicated notes that might show up when I search for the subject. Now, if I happened to use only tags, I could tag a single note with Bears, Food, and Honey, for example, and if I happened to be searching for honey only when related to bears, all I'd have to do would be to choose both Honey and Bears tags. So, what do you think, do we need notebooks at all?
  3. I have I have. It doesn't work for PDFs... The line breaks remain. I think some sort of code is needed to remove that.
  4. I'm on Windows. I'll use that site for now. =]
  5. I use the evernote for studying and there are many times when I copy text into the program. Because many texts come in the PDF format, it would be really good if we had a function that lets us remove all those annoying line breaks that come when we copy these kinds of text. Is it possible for us to have a function like that? It would be something like this site.
  6. Hi, thank you very much for this suggestion. I tried it, and it worked!
  7. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to permanently change the way my notes are classified. I am currently doing this by clicking the small icon near the notebook name, going into "classify notes by" and clicking "Created" which is how I want them to be classified. Everytime I restart the app, however, I find the configuration has returned to what it was previously, which makes the app classify all notes by "Last updated".
  8. I'm not talking about the webclipper, there are some notes that already come with tags when I create them. Is this a new feature? Have I configured it to work this way without realizing? By the way, it would be an awesome feature. I have some notebooks where every note inside has multiple tags (I'm a med student, so for example, I have a notebook for embryology and all notes inside are tagges with: Med, medicine, embriology) and being able to set this up automatically would be a boost.
  9. I've read in the FAQ that the size limit for a note in evernote premium is 200mb (vs 25mb in basic). I'm thinking of getting an evernote plus account, and would like to know if there's a size increase for this limit in this plan, too.
  10. I was thinking of using the evernote to read books both at my home PC and at a notebook. There are these huge college books that need to be spread over my day, and for that I'd need to read them both in college and at home. I already do this by copying the book to my pendrive and using markers to save the page, then all I do is plug the pendrive in whichever machine I'm using, reading, then adding a new marker on the page whenever I have to stop. If Evernote can keep track of those pages on multiple computers, then it could make this process a little easier. So, do you think I can use the app for this purpose?
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