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Anyone know how to contact Swipes for EV problem?


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I am having problems when linking EV to Swipes. It causes Swipes on iPhone and iPad to freeze. The only solution is to NOT link EV to Swipes.

Anyway, I have been trying to contact Swipes re this problem, but am having no luck:

1) Using the Swipes Mac app (which is unaffected by the problem), I left a message to the Support Team (Setting > Support > New Conversation). Nothing.

2) There is (or was) a Swipes spokesman on this forum (Mitko from Swipes: https://discussion.evernote.com/profile/247356-mitko-from-swipes/ ), but he hasn't been active since last June.

3) The Swipes website does not show any way to contact them for support. I also cannot find a Swipes user forum. I even clicked on their "We're Hiring!" button, but got nowhere.

4) I went back to iTunes, where I first got Swipes. If you go to Customer Reviews you can see two buttons above the first review. One of them says "App Support". But that link just takes you to the main Swipes website (see above).


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