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Won't print "to do" boxes

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Hi both.  It's useful to confirm what versions of OS and Evernote you're using,  and whether you've made any recent changes to your software or system if things stop working as they used to.  Logging out of Evernote and restarting your device can sometimes clear minor issues,  but if that doesn't work I'd suggest you contact support to at least submit a bug report even if you're not a paying subscriber.

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Checkboxes do print from the Windows app,  though in a test I just tried they were offset from the line of text like superscript.  In Windows you could try adding one of the symbol characters from the specialized fonts to your checkbox list if printing is not working - Wingdings forinstance has a square box character (that this forum doesn't recognise..).

Evernote Web is expected to have updates this year,  but it's not likely to happen immediately...

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16 hours ago, msgvb said:

Still having problems with checkbox and underline alignment printing notes in Windows Evernote client.

Anyone have any further information on this, a workaround, perhaps?

I assume everyone gave up for the time being - editor changes happen s-l-o-w-l-y...  Workarounds are basically to do any 'specialised' layout in another format - Word Processor or PDF - the will print correctly.

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