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Clipping very SLOOOOOOOOOW

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Hi.  No clue about the time delay - most of my clips seem to work pretty well,  but I get occasional misfires which I presume is down to net traffic / site content / passing gremlins.  Does this happen often enough to be a problem,  or is it manageable if you simply use the URL saved in the note to go back and reclip on a desktop?

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I clipped several pages from different websites.  It does happen often.  I use both the windows version of evernote on my desktop and the android app version on my galaxy s4.  It is becoming a problem because after I clip the webpage or article it would be nice to be able to then read it shortly after. Even after 10 hours I could not read what I clipped. It is a pain to have to click the url to go back to the website I originally clipped the pages from. That defeats the purpose of using evernote in the first place.


I use to use Pocket, which never had this problem, and switched to evernote because it let me clip pages that I needed a username and password to access the website and pocket does not do that.



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