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  1. I clipped some articles using the android version of evernote and over 10 hours later the articles still say "clipping......". Why does clipping take so long to clip an article????
  2. Using my samsung s4 and the evernote android app and firefox on my cell phone, when I want to save a webpage from within the firefox brower app, how do I specify which notebook it goes into? seems all my notes go into the same notebook, which is what I do not want to happen. And going into evernote after saving the pages and manually moving each save website into the notebook I wanted them to save it, is a pain. Shouldn't there be, or is there a way to pick which notebook each webpage I want to save is saved into?
  3. I am using the Android app version of Evernote on my Samsung Galaxy S4. When I am on a website, using firefox, and I want to save it, how can I pick which notebook to save that website into? I have several notebooks set up. So if I want to save a recipe webpage, I want it to go into my recipe notebook. If I have a webpage with another subject matter, I want that to go into another notebook. etc..etc Seems when I save a webpage they all go into the same notebook I was last looking at in the evernote app. So how can I pick/change which notebook to save these different webpages in? T
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