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Full Note only exists in Snippet Pane View

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I had a few Hotels.com bookings, which I forward to my evernote email address using either my Android or Windows laptop.  The note imports OK, and I can see in Snippet view that the embedded attachments and text are there, and I can scroll through and see what I want.


I needed to add some more text, so went to 'Open Note' (and the note then opens in it's own window) and surprisingly, the tile is there and the first three lines of text, but nothing else.

The three lines of text are cut off in an obscure place (halfway through the email header from my emailing it to my Evernote)


If I highlight( i.e. select all text and embedded items using the mouse)  , I can see that something seems to exist there, as I can highlight approximately the whole length of the note - however the highlight is just that - i.e. a single colour highlight showing no reverse-colour text, but just a block of blue.


In fact when I open with Windows, the separate window pops open and for an instant, the note appears, and then disappears except the first three lines of text


When I open note using my Android, I see the exact fist three lines of text, then appears a small 'lock' symbol where I would expect the remainder of the note to start, and when I click that I get a message indicating that ' This element cannot be edited with this editor' - (Version 7.5 Evernote - running on latest updated Android Platform which is 5.0.1

Windows is the current latest version, updated , of Windows 7, running (277494)


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Hi.  That's officially kinda weird.  The editors (and OS's) in EN Windows and EN Android weren't exactly fully compatible,  so text edited in one would often be only partially,  if at all,  editable in the other;  but recent updates have included a revised editor which allegedly allows more flexibility and compliance between the two.  Are both your Android and Win versions of Evernote fully up to date?  Though if you don't normally edit and sync these emails after forwarding,  I'd be surprised if simply forwarding mails from one OS or the other somehow 'brands' them as being only editable in that OS. 

I'm thinking that there are a couple of possibilities...

The Hotels.com emails contain some formatting that one or both editors don't like,  maybe caused by some artifact contributed to by the email import process.  If so,  all your emails will be affected - you've only mentioned one here:  have you checked any others?

If this is only one email,  the content may have been individually corrupted in some way - try creating a new note manually and copy/ paste all the content across (if you can select it all) or try an export to ENEX and re-import the new note from that file.  If the new content behaves,  terminate the original with extreme prejudice.

If this isn't an easy fix I'd also suggest raising a bug report and submitting your Activity Log - scroll to the bottom of this page to click the 'Contact Support' button.


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9 hours ago, Danny HTC2 said:

In fact when I open with Windows, the separate window pops open and for an instant, the note appears, and then disappears except the first three lines of text

Sounds like the text might be white on white background, or some other formatting coming from the web/email page.

You can try two things:

  1. Select all in the Note, and apply a color of Black to  the text.

  2. Apply Format > Simplify Formatting, which will generally fix all strange format issues.
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