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  1. Honestly, this is not at all seamless. I have had varying amounts of success in China, and I can just indicate that syncing Evernote in China (from an overseas registered Evernote account) is not at all guaranteed. I've done it with : a) Different Mobile Networks (generally the big mobile networks such as China Unicom or China Mobile) Hotel Wi-Fi c) Hotspot Wi-Fi from my phone d) Coffee Shop Wi-Fi e) Hotspot Wi-Fi from Chinese colleague's phone - not roaming From both phone (iPhone) and Laptop (IBM) Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. If I can get a mobile signal on voice-phone line, and also get a mobile signal on my phone for email and browser, this also does not guarantee a working sync on Evernote. So, I may ask the following questions: 1. Are you aware that there is a problem - and it is intermittent? 2. Can this - and will this - be fixed your end - if indeed it can be fixed on the Evernote end (Can it?) ? 3. When? 4. Is something being done about it today ? 5. Is there a temporary workaround until this is fixed ? I'll bet you can't answer those successfully in the next week, never mind the next 24 Hours ! - Sorry for being so pessimistic, but I'm afraid I'm being realistic Danny
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