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Help! "Galaxy Apps" overriding Google Play apps!

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Hello all,

I just bought a Note 5 and am loving it. I decided to open MS Word (which is preinstalled) and it decided to open "Galaxy Apps", with a prompt asking for me to Decline or Accept the license agreement. I declined because I don't want "Galaxy Apps" on my phone. However, when I opened MS PowerPoint, I accidentally clicked on "Accept". I went to the Google Play store and searched for MS PowerPoint, and it says "Your device isn't compatible with this version". It seems that "Galaxy Apps" is now OVERRIDING what Google Play can download. How the hell do I turn off this piece of $h!t "Galaxy Apps"? I tried disabling the "Galaxy Apps" garbage from Application Manager, but the problem persists. I still cannot update or download MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or MS OneNote through Google Play. This is ridiculous. Why does Samsung want to include TWO appstores on their phones? (free games mobile download)


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Can't help you on how to override this.

First, Samsung, would like to make money off their app store. 

But Samsung also does this because they want to be prepared if Google ever decides to take full control of android software. They want to be able to have an already existing universe they can use rather than play ball with Google. 

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Hi.  What Candid said..  Your phone manufacturer decided to add these 'features' and you'd need to contact their helpline,  or your network provider,  to get more information.  We only deal with Evernote issues here..

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