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  1. Hello all,I just bought a Note 5 and am loving it. I decided to open MS Word (which is preinstalled) and it decided to open "Galaxy Apps", with a prompt asking for me to Decline or Accept the license agreement. I declined because I don't want "Galaxy Apps" on my phone. However, when I opened MS PowerPoint, I accidentally clicked on "Accept". I went to the Google Play store and searched for MS PowerPoint, and it says "Your device isn't compatible with this version". It seems that "Galaxy Apps" is now OVERRIDING what Google Play can download. How the hell do I turn off this piece of $h!t "Galaxy Apps"? I tried disabling the "Galaxy Apps" garbage from Application Manager, but the problem persists. I still cannot update or download MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or MS OneNote through Google Play. This is ridiculous. Why does Samsung want to include TWO appstores on their phones? (free games mobile download)Thanks
  2. I have the option of MTU, Camera and no mode at all. (Which comes up as an unidentified device when connected to windows) Which mode is the most secure, and by that I mean which mode offers the most file/connection protection an security? Do any of the modes offer any better protection than the other to protect against attacks?nhac chuong mien phi Thank you.
  3. I know this is an Android forum, but I'm interested to hear your thoughts on whatever Apple announced. Here's mine. iPhone 6S: Kinda called it. Expected hardware upgrades though 3D Touch and the new camera do interest me quite a bit. Will be interesting to see how well the 6S holds up against hero Android devices. nhac chuong iphone iPad Pro: It's really big. Actually, I kinda dig it. Might replace my iPad 3 "Potato" with this one. But that price, though. Apple Pencil: It's a stylus for the iPad Pro that goes for $100. Yeah, it's overpriced (like any Apple accessory), but I think it does signal one thing. That the S Pen has not gone unnoticed.
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