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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST: Notebooks!


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I use Evernote for many, many things and have a great need to sort my notes by category or as Evernote calls them, Notebooks. My whole note keeping system is based on note categories. I love Evernote and really appreciate having Evernote on my Droid. Unfortunately, not being able to view my list of Notebooks or access my notes via a Notebooks list SEVERELY limits the utility of Evernote on my phone.

Please make this your top priority and have a new release out on the Droid marketplace by morning, thank you! jack

(That last line was tongue in cheek, mostly ;)

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I would really like this feature also. I would like to add a little something else, maybe it was requested and I missed it. I would like to create notebooks from the android app. Maybe even tags too. That way I could create a notebook and add to it on the go. Now I have to create my notes and then organize them later.


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I created notebooks for my business. Bids to do, Bids presented, Working, To be invoiced, Invoiced, Archive. Then I setup a tag for each one Working, Invoiced.. etc... Then I created saved searches to look for the tags and I called them, 1 Working, 2 To Be Invoiced.. etc.. there was a saved search button on the menu and I could hit it and all my saved searches would come up and I could look at just the notebooks I wanted to see. I just downloaded the latest release however and now the saved searches button is gone. The new solution is to click on the search box and start typing the name of the saved search you want and then it will list them. Wish I would not have downloaded the new release but this is a work around for now for me anyway.

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What a disappointment to find I have no access to my notebooks I've created. Please, please find a way to segment our notes into notebooks and an option to set the default notebook on the android client.

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I am new to Evernote as well as new to the forum. Am I to assume it is currently not possible to create folders and subfolders to store my notes? If this is correct what are the chances of this feature being added? Without a way to organize my notes I'm not sure what I'll do. Probably look for another program but it must have a clipper.


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No, the list of notebooks is "flat", so there no notebooks-within-notebooks.

Tags, however, can be formed into a tree, so you can use that organizational metaphor to organize your notes if you prefer.

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Agreed - I just joined the forums to make 2 requests - to be able to view notebooks, and to be able to store local favorites (like the iPhone version - I used that feature heavily before I switched phone platforms. That is the only think I miss about my iPhone).


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Have used the Palm OS for years. Just upgraded (?) to the Droid X. Very frustrating. The Droid seems to be a show pony when what I need is a mule.

EverNote has provided just one more aggravation in my attempt to make this system work for me. It seemed so promising until I tried using it on my phone.

That EverNote would create this app so I'm not able to access Notebooks on my phone I find incredible! I have to come up with a work around to address their lack of foresight?! It's not even a feature included in the upgrade (so why upgrade?).

I notice no one from EverNote has chimed in to address this. That silence is pretty loud.

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Well, the devs have responded in this thread and elsewhere. While I agree that we should be able to browse by notebook rather than have to search for everything, this is no different on the iPhone.

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