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  1. Wow Evernote, you've really hit the nail with the new version for Android. Thank you especially for listening to our feedback! Great, great, great!
  2. @antbirdie I understand the frustration. However developing a software application takes some time developing and testing. Would they start developing now it will easily take until the holidays to have something that can be called 'final'. They can't just quickly build something. Also the 'problem' is that the iPhone client has been around for longer, thus it had more time to get were it is now. Maybe we can help testing the application ;-)
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me Dave, I appreciate it. I am really looking forward to the next version Android app and am confident that it will be 1337 About the "favorite notes": I use Evernote to keep track of my tasks. I have an entire notebook called with tasklists and projects. What would really be great on -any- platform it to be able to make a link to a specific note from outside the app. As a quick way to go to you tasklist note / shopping list / idea's note. The favorite notebook is a way to get really fast to a specific note. Just an idea.
  4. +1 on these feature(s). Note making should be almost instant: - Press create - Start typing, talking or take a picture - Press save - done If I want to edit the name, tag or notebook I do that afterwards from my PC.
  5. Hello Evernote, I just switched from an iPhone to an Android phone and noticed the Android client is missing some functionalies. What I miss on Android: - Favourite Notes (gives quick access to important notes) - Editing existing notes (Android only can append to a note, while iPhone can copy a note (to plain text) and edit the whole thing) - Harder to make a quick note (why is the "save" button all the way down at the bottom? It should be right in sight at all times) - Autosaving of voicenotes (iPhone auto-start recording a voicenote, and autosaves it when pressing save. No need to edit anything, handy while driving!) - No quick snapshots (need to edit so many things, just want to save and move on!) - Quick scrolling through notes (no scroll bar on the right, now where is that note...) - No offline access to notes (no internet = no notes at all, what??) - No easy sorting of notes (not by notebook, not by tag, not by name) - Why do I need to press an extra button (menu) to view my notes? I know the iPhone client has had more time to develop, and is some versions further. Dave, please stand up for us Android users, I know you must agree with some of the things above! Regards, Matthijs
  6. fully agree on this request. Viewing notes on the Android client is a pain compared to the iPhone client.
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