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  1. Is this being planned? worked on? I agree with previous poster - this would be sooo useful!
  2. Just downloaded new honeycomb flavoured Evernote app for Asus Transformer tablet. It's AWESOME! Tremendous piece of work guys - very impressive!
  3. I'm lovin' it. Nice one folks - just got rid of my Springpad login - not needed anymore. Keep it up - really awesome.
  4. Is it not possible to add some comments to this effect in Android market place when there's a release (like most other apps do)? When i saw there was an upgrade for evernote I (mistakenly) thought it was the release for offline notes only to have my hopes cruelly dashed 3 minutes later . . . . some comments in the marketplace would be helpful to manage expectations. . . .
  5. +1 definitely IMHO key missing features in Android : * Offline notes * editing notes is a problem - having to append rather than edit * list of notebooks
  6. Igritz - totally agree with you - can we not have a 'mobile compatible' mode on a note where it can be edited across platforms in plain text without tears? I also am not at all bothered about fancy fonts etc if i can't edit a note across mobile/desktop. This would be very useful functionality - is it on the list anywhere? Thanks!
  7. Hi - Is there any update on this? When can we expect this vital piece of functionality to be released? days? weeks? months? longer? Thanks!
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