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  1. I created notebooks for my business. Bids to do, Bids presented, Working, To be invoiced, Invoiced, Archive. Then I setup a tag for each one Working, Invoiced.. etc... Then I created saved searches to look for the tags and I called them, 1 Working, 2 To Be Invoiced.. etc.. there was a saved search button on the menu and I could hit it and all my saved searches would come up and I could look at just the notebooks I wanted to see. I just downloaded the latest release however and now the saved searches button is gone. The new solution is to click on the search box and start typing the name of the saved search you want and then it will list them. Wish I would not have downloaded the new release but this is a work around for now for me anyway.
  2. Thanks for pointing that out. Makes it easier, but I still have to remember my saved searches to see notes in a particular notebook. I would like to see the saved search button added back to the menu or just a list of notebooks so I could easily find what I'm looking for without having to go to the search screen.
  3. I finally had all my saved searches set up and was able to locate my different categories of notes easily. I downloaded the latest version and now I have to open the main screen, hit the menu button, hit notes and wait for it to refresh the screen, hit search and go to the keyboard ( remember names of my saved searches) and start typing it so it pulls up a list and then select it from the list........ before i could just open it and hit saved searches and choose from a list. How do I get back to the old version? This one is not user friendly for me.
  4. I created the saved searches on my pc and they automatically downloaded to my phone. Saved Search is an option on my phone and I can see them all but they do not filter any information.
  5. I have created saved searches to list notes in each of my notebooks. For example - notebook:"3 Invoiced".... this search will find all notes under the "3 Invoiced" notebook. The searches work on my PC, but when i run any of the searches on my phone all the notes in every notebook are displayed. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks
  6. I appreciate your response and hope that there is some type of filtering in place soon. The small screen on the phone makes it imperative to have some kind of sorting/filtering option in place.
  7. This question has been asked on previous post, but I have not seen any answers. I own a construction company and I currently use outlook task to keep track of jobs, time, materials, etc. I have each job categorized as working, to be invoiced, invoiced, etc. I would like to find an application that allows me to input my data on my pc locally and have that information download to my phone so I will have it anywhere I go. I thought evernote was my answer until I tried to look at the jobs on my phone. Without an easy way to sort through the notes easily it is useless to me. I would just like to know if evernote considers this an issue and if so when will the app be rewritten to include some kind of way to sort the notebooks on the phone.
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