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1 Click Save?


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Scannable used to save direct to Evernote just from the first "save"click as long as the default notebook was set, but this doesn't appear to be the case now.


Currentl;y I have to 


1. Click the "tick"

2. Click "save"

3. click save again (even though my default notebook is already marked)

4. Click "done"


I use scannable a great deal and this is annoying. Is there any way to reduce the clicks required?



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Hi.  If you're saving direct to Evernote it would be better to use the camera feature of the Evernote app.  AFAIK Scannable is meant to be a more generic 'save to file' app with other options.  I don't think there is a way to customise it.  - Options might include IFTTT's 'Do' app which defaults to one operation,  and Evernote's widgets which can be set up to perform one action.

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Thanks for the reply. I suppose I'll just have to live with it for now - the problem is that the "document" feature in the Evernote iOS app just isn't as good at picking out the document and scanning it as opposed to just taking a picture. I'll check out the other suggestions.


The other annoyance is that until the last update Scannable DID effectively have 1-click saving - in trying to make it more flexible they seem to have made it less simple! I don't understand why, if you leave in the option to set a default notebook to scan to, the app doesn't just scan to that without needed a prompt until you tell it not to?

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