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  1. That's really cool - thanks. I resume I'll get prompts to re-install 6.5.4? How will I know when that is updated with the fix?
  2. actually I've just realised that SAVE AS doesn't solve the problem - the file names are still the same so this just over-writes the last picture saved. Oh Well
  3. Of course. I wasn't posting to suggest someone was going to sort this out specifically for me, but having been directed here by EN Support it seems reasonable to try and outline WHY this is important to me. Also that it's frustrating that something that I pay for and that has worked previously, suddenly stops working because of an update. Thanks
  4. gazumped - yes, that helps, thanks (and for closing the other thread - I was directed here by EN support so thought it best to post here)
  5. Really need a fix for this ASAP. In my case the problem is that I take multiple photos on a note - if I try to copy and paste individually the file name is the same each time so Windows asks me to overwrite which means I have to save a photo, then change that filename before I can save the next one. Impractical with multiple photos and very annoying
  6. Thanks for the reply. I suppose I'll just have to live with it for now - the problem is that the "document" feature in the Evernote iOS app just isn't as good at picking out the document and scanning it as opposed to just taking a picture. I'll check out the other suggestions. The other annoyance is that until the last update Scannable DID effectively have 1-click saving - in trying to make it more flexible they seem to have made it less simple! I don't understand why, if you leave in the option to set a default notebook to scan to, the app doesn't just scan to that without needed a prompt until you tell it not to?
  7. Scannable used to save direct to Evernote just from the first "save"click as long as the default notebook was set, but this doesn't appear to be the case now. Currentl;y I have to 1. Click the "tick" 2. Click "save" 3. click save again (even though my default notebook is already marked) 4. Click "done" I use scannable a great deal and this is annoying. Is there any way to reduce the clicks required? Thanks
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