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(Archived) Outline Formatting Broken: Bullets "Double-Up"?



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I am seeing the same problem.

If I am using bulletes and editing the bulletes formating (step back) sometimes gosty bullets are cerated in the notes. These bulletes canot not be deleted. The only work around is to restart with the formatting.



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  • Two honorary bonus points for both the funny screenshot and for your use of "bonkers"! :(

    • [*:1fgdhrgz]Which version/build of Evernote are you using?
      [*:1fgdhrgz]Is the "double-up" occurring as you type -- or only after editing? The reason I ask is that the only way I could reproduce the error was by typing the bullets in succeeding levels.... and then deleting back from one that was a "next level" bullet (i.e., going back to the level above).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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