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Search problem?


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I have two notes tagged "Rick" in a notebook "Action Pending". When I go to that notebook and look for notes with tag Rick I find the two I have.


When I enter a query or try to create a shortcut with the following, no notes show up:


tag:Rick notebook:"Action Pending"


What am I missing here?

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Yup, just figured that out. As a programmer, I don't understand why on earth it can't be done both ways. Would cut down on support issues I imagine.


I believe it is to allow the "any:" search grammar to work correctly.



According to Dave Engberg (Evernote CTO)

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The search may start with one "notebook:..." parameter, or none.

Then, you may add the "any:" operator.

After that, you can add any other terms in any order.

The ordering of those first two terms is just to make their precedence more clear ... the "any:" operator doesn't apply to the notebook. So if you want to find any notes in the Cooking notebook tagged with either "Mexican" or "Italian", it would be:

notebook:"Cooking" any: tag:"Mexican" tag:"Italian"

Putting the notebook first makes it clear that the "any" listing is just the stuff after it.

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Could be for sure.  You can only ANY tags so notebooks aren't even considered. 


Kind of the same, but it might have more to do with only only one notebook/stack is searchable at a time.  If Notebook: is not the first thing you type then everything you type after that is just a search value, all applied to whatever context you were in when you started typing.  tag:cal notebook:inbox ends up being a search for notes tagged cal containing notebook and inbox (: disappears as we know).


Probably a less than user friendly design for sure (if I want to enter my tags and notebook in whatever sequence) and easier for a programmer to unpack the parameters if they are in a reliable sequence.  FWIW.

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Well, I've found search to be one of the least intuitive and downright buggy things (depending on platform) about Evernote. Which is interesting since they tout it as a "put everything in here and never lose it!" app, Fortunately I don't have to use the search that often. Woe if I did.

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