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Unable to enter username/email in login screen

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Evernote on Android version 7.1.3


When displaying the login screen I am unable to select the Username or Email box in order to enter my username.  I can select the password box, but without entering username I am unable to log in.

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I just had a similar problem in that I have always used a username for Evernote (for 12 years now), but the login screen on my Android rejected it and insisted on an email address. Now I guessed that there is probably an email address associated with my account - the one Evernote corresponds with me on. But had no idea which address it was, and not being near my computer there wasn’t any way to find out.

Why won't it accept our usernames? If this is the case then why not ban usernames and make everyone go with email addresses?

BTW the problem turns out to be moot anyway; since E-note won't allow saving data to SD cards I had to uninstall immediately. Putting it all on my phone's internal storage would stop everything cold. (Sadly, my phone has Android 6 which allows me to designate my SD card as internal storage and it's all encrypted, so E-note wouldn’t have any more security fears. But, nah... that would be logical!)


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@J-Mac I bought a 64GB SD card on the same assumption,  but the only use it has currently is for a lot of books,  music and films. :angry:

I still run Evernote on the Android though - I have a notebook specifically for the mobile.  I rotate upcoming travel and meeting notes to it,  and have that set for 'offline storage'.  It's currently at 2MB or less with an average around 10MB and 20 or so notes.  It's a bit of maintenance every few days to move 'expired' notes back to the main default book,  and the upcoming stuff into that notebook.  I do that at home or at work so the phone can sync over wifi,  and if I have to look up other detail in a meeting later that I didn't think to include,  I'm usually on my own,  or someone else's wifi,  and a note download doesn't take too long.

If you're set on having your notes on SD,  and Android 6.x allows it,  you may want to look into confusing Evernote with 'symbolic links' - I did read of ways to spoof an SD location to an installed app,  but the process only worked on rooted phones.  There is information around like this - http://digialtipsntricks.blogspot.com/2014/09/how-to-install-and-move-android-apps-to.html

It was easier and quicker for me to set up the mini-notebook than get more involved with the techy bits,  so I didn't follow up...

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