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  1. Really? I don’t have a Mac - you mean on Apple Evernote has a file for every note?! Seems awfully wasteful of space. Thanks, Jim
  2. Duplicate File Finder can find files, not notes. The notes are all contained within one file - the Evernote database. Jim
  3. Matt, I understand that Evernote thinks this is a valid requirement. I disagree, and as I posted previously I believe that email confirmation could reasonably be required upon initial registration and then again only if the user fails to respond to an important email from Evernote. However a standing, periodic confirmation requirement is unnecessary. No other software that I've used in the more than 40 years I've used it required such repetitious confirmations. (Excluding, of course, Microsoft's Genuine Windows checks, which at least were done automatically in the background). Thank you, Jim
  4. No, these confirmation annoyances don’t come via email. They are modal pop-up dialogs. And according to the "design team members" (via the support tech who responded to my similar inquiry on a support ticket), the email confirmations are required every six months. If you don’t confirm you will see that pop-up daily - sometimes many times daily - until you confirm it... again. I don’t see such requirements in any other software application I own and cannot fathom why Evernote requires this on a regular ongoing basis. Once upon registration is fine, or if a user is not replying to emails sent to them that require a response. Otherwise there is no valid reason to have to constantly reconfirm your address. Does Evernote sell our addresses? I know that confirmed addresses are more valuable than unconfirmed. Jim
  5. Agreed. I just removed Evernote from my new Moto X Pure Edition. It has Android 6 (Marshmellow, for those who only recognize Google's goofy candy-related names!), and this version allows the SD card to be encrypted and considered as internal storage. However they still permit developers who insist on keeping their data off SD cards to do so. So even though I am able to save most of my apps' data on the card I can't with Evernote. So I had to remove it. Sad and unfortunate, really, that they are so far behind the curve with Android. Jim
  6. Same problem here. Evernote user since the original beta in 2004, and a paid premium subscriber since they started the subscription model. Apparently today they submitted a charge for my annual premium payment and American Express suspected it was a fraudulent charge. American Express called me and I approved the charge but it was too late. Evernote had already downgraded me to a free account! And of course since it is a free account I cannot submit a support ticket to get this fixed. When I try to view my account to see if there is anything I can do from there, it just redirects me to the page where brand new subscribers apply. This is maddening. If anyone here can, please flag my post also for someone in Evernote to contact me or at least look into the situation. Thank you, Jim
  7. Opposite problem here - I have three lines for the clipper in my Firefox context menu and I don’t want them there at all! I'm happy to use the icon on the bookmarks toolbar. I hate when my context menu gets so cluttered with options for every extension; soon the full context menu can't even fit on the page! Anyway to remove those items from the context menu? I have an editor for the menu but the Evernote Clipper items are grayed-out so I can't remove them there. Thank you. Jim
  8. Well, I never called it a "must have" feature. That said, I still think it would be a very nice feature in Evernote. The OneNote import hasn’t changed; as new notes are added into OneNote and if you wish to get them into Evernote, you have to import entire sections - again. No way to only import new notes. I try to get all OneNote notes within certain important sections into Evernote for a couple of reasons. First, it is nice to have important notes in both apps because while searching in OneNote is fast on a Windows PC it is excruciatingly slow on both Android and iOS devices. So for searching when mobile it's great to have them in Evernote as well as OneNote. Second, if I need to print any of these notes I need them in OneNote in Windows (because Evernote's printing function isn't nearly as good on Windows), and I need them in Evernote too because OneNote doesn’t offer printing at all on mobile devices. So basically there are benefits for me to have certain OneNote sections in Evernote, and when I import OneNote sections subsequent times I am creating more duplicates and building up my Evernote database needlessly. Those are the reasons I would like it as a feature. Just me... I do realize others don’t necessarily have the same needs and of course I don’t insist that others should support the idea just because I would like it. (But I really would like it!! ) Thank you. Jim
  9. Just wanted to say that I have several programs that update on a regular basis that are pinned to my taskbar, and none of those lose their pinned status upon upgrade. I'm not certain but I believe that statement from the MSDN library refers to new programs automatically being pinned to the taskbar. And I agree with that concept. I wouldn’t want newly installed programs to self-pin to my taskbar! But existing installations that are already pinned and are being upgraded are different. I've already expressed my desire for those programs to be pinned. Also I think that Windows treats updates/upgrades to currently installed programs differently than new program installations. Even when they are uninstalled and then reinstalled, since many allow you to preserve the settings from the prior installation. Thanks! Jim
  10. Thanks gazumped. I know I should stick with one notes program, but I find that some documents are better done in OneNote. The editor is a lot better if it is something I am composing. Plus sometimes when I paste or clip into Evernote it comes out looking way off, so I pop it into ON instead. Believe it or not, when I move it feom ON into EN it looks perfect, whereas if I clip it into EN to begin with it doesn’t. I don’t know why. Plus I don’t usually put anything sensitive into EN. Not that I use ON for very sensitive content but since it is local only I do put things in there unencrypted that I won't put into EN without encrypting it first. If I get lazy I put it into ON until I have more time to get it into EN. So one way or another I will usually end up with some stuff in OneNote. I agree that it isn't urgent and I can just take my time with it. I just usually want to start something and get it done... Now! Totally unnecessary I guess! I need to get over some of the false urgency that we all hang onto at times. Thanks again! Jim
  11. I ended up with a lot of duplicates by importing OneNote content into Evernote. If you import at one point in time and then later have a lot more OneNote notes to import there is no good way to only import new notes. So you end up re-importing some of the same notes again. A lot of the same notes again!! I think I'm going to try copy/paste the note titles into Word documents and then compare them using a program called Beyond Compare. All it does is compare separate files and highlight all identical passages. I'll post back if it works. Thank you. Jim
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