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  1. Evernote on Android version 7.1.3 When displaying the login screen I am unable to select the Username or Email box in order to enter my username. I can select the password box, but without entering username I am unable to log in.
  2. _ash_

    firefox Buggy dialog

    Much improved in the new version awaiting Mozilla approval. See this thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/82889-why-is-clipper-59-for-firefox-so-terrible/
  3. Ooooooh, actually seems smoother than the chrome version now! That 5.9.1 version was nasty though.
  4. _ash_

    firefox Buggy dialog

    I'm having the same issue. Very annoying and makes clipping notes difficult as I have to scroll the window to get to the button. Firefox 36.0.4 Evernote Web Clipper 5.9.1 Windows 7 I have disabled all other extensions, and re-created a new Firefox profile and the problem remains.
  5. I'm not using Outlook either, and don't have it installed. I've tried disabling everything else, and closing all programs and services that don't need to be running and the problem persists.
  6. I recently installed Evernote on my Windows 7 x64 machine and am having trouble with display corruption when resuming from screensaver (blank screen) with Evernote running (even minimised or in notification area). If I exit Evernote this doesn't occur. I don't have the same problem with any other program. To redraw the screen I hit Windows key + D to show the desktop at which point the screen redraws and all is good until the screensaver kicks in again. Any ideas? Ash Evernote (268644) Public Windows 7 x64 Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 (SLI)
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