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More and more upsell spam?

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Evernote is getting a little out of control with the spam - everytime I open a client there is some evernote business spam to dismiss but to add insult to injury, evernote is now spamming my notifications with rubbish like below



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I don't complain easily... but I too noticed this message. What is worse, I have been on Evernote Premium for years - yes, I am a paying customer and I am having to look at this, as well as "Try Evernote for Business" which I have to click away every time I open the app on my Android :(


Please stop the aggressive recruiting, Evernote... I have always been a happy customer but I'm not very pleased with this current trend. 

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I agree that hitting paying members (or any members) with Evernote business advertising in app doesn't make sense. Maybe just email. They've already actively chosen a payment plan... And although Evernote business might be useful to a segment of users, I find it unacceptable to push it to random/ all members.

Evernote advertising that appears in one's Notification Center is also unacceptable. Way too intrusive.

I've been all for Evernote advertising their services and giving people a nudge... But at least give paying members a break and don't hit their (or anyone's) Notification Center.

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I was getting ready to start my own topic on evernote unwanted advertising, then I found this one.  I am getting frequent evernote business ads sent to my evernote account email address and no option to Unsubscribe.  It is more than annoying. I am a single premium user and I will never have a use for evernote business.  


Thank goodness, I have a smart email service to which I can add scripts to delete this stuff.  Now the in-app notifications is above annoying.  I think a forum like this gets little attention from evernote marketing.  I'm going to try to find an old fashioned mailing address and write them a letter.

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Add me to the disgruntled list. I don't mind if you email me things. I wouldn't mind too much if you put an ad in my app once. But putting it there let and over again such that it interferes with my use if the app and getting to my information? Not cool, evernote.

Knock it off.

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