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  1. In the apple world, Evernote for Mac starts a new note in the title field, which I believe is the correct place to start. I enter lots of reminders that have a title but no note body. The Ipad and Iphone versions start in the note body first and its gets annoying to have to move the cursor back to the title field to enter my reminder. I request that all apps consistently start in the title field first
  2. The format for subject line date is !yyyy/mm/dd I never remember this format especially since it is not a common format I see all over various apps on my Mac, so I never use this feature. I have to go into Evernote and manually add a date, which seems like a cumbersome work process. It would be great of the date format could be enhanced to use the display format configured in Mac system preferences. As long as I am wishing, it would also be handy to accept an optional time with the date format. This idea is potentially applicable across many devices.
  3. I was getting ready to start my own topic on evernote unwanted advertising, then I found this one. I am getting frequent evernote business ads sent to my evernote account email address and no option to Unsubscribe. It is more than annoying. I am a single premium user and I will never have a use for evernote business. Thank goodness, I have a smart email service to which I can add scripts to delete this stuff. Now the in-app notifications is above annoying. I think a forum like this gets little attention from evernote marketing. I'm going to try to find an old fashioned mailing address and write them a letter.
  4. Regarding contrast This is our highest contrast release ever. We've had this app reviewed by text accessibility experts. This was done for our users who have complained about legibility (including you JM ) Were all of the text accessibility experts under 40 (no need for reading glasses)?
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