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New layout suggestion.....



I have a great idea. Make it look like this:




No. It's not pretty. It's functional. Quit focusing on how "pretty" and "clean" it is and get some psychologists on your staff instead of artists. Colors and shapes are important queues for the brain and when working, allow the mind to ignore most of the text that bothers the "minimalist purist artists" that seem to be in control.


Seriously. The "Beta" is HORRIBLE! Especially on a desktop. In the current mode, I can see my shortcuts, notebooks, notes list, and the note itself. I'm free to drag and drop between them without any trouble. Now I have to click on notebooks and then I get a HUGE list of notebooks that only shows like 4-5 at once instead of the 9-10 that I can see now. So it takes longer to find the note I'm after (assuming I'm not certain about tags or specific words for searching). Then if I click a note, the list of notes disappears. Then the note appears. And if it's the wrong note, back to the drawing board. I can't just keep poking down the notes list. Or hop to the notebooks.
This is just the most hideous and bizarre implementation of a notes program I've ever seen. WHY?

Here's a tip. TRASH IT. I know you've put a lot of work into it and you think it was a good idea but it's not. If anything even remotely similar became the standard version, you would lose half your users or more. Just take what you have, leave it alone, and work on FEATURES instead of redesign!
Seriously. How many man-hours have gone into this? In that time could you have maybe made it possible to resize an image inside a note? Or maybe give the UI some personalization options like letting us choose color schemes?

If you feel you MUST finish this, then give it a different name. Something like "Expansion Mode" as a second UI choice. Don't leave it out there  hanging like a potential replacement for what you have now. It makes me want to start looking for options "just in case".

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Thanks everyone! We'll take this into consideration as we continue to improve the product. :)  We think there benefits to both versions of the client. This is our opportunity to take the best of both worlds and improve everything.  The most actionable thing to us is for folks to outline their use case and what information is important to them. We will try to our best to solve folk's problems holistically.  - Nancy 

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I don't think there is such a thing as a "better layout". Each user has their own preferences, needs and hardware. Ideally the client would have enough customization options to allow everybody to set up the interface the way they like it (for each computer separately).

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I think probably too much has gone into it to throw it out, but I think we as users can make it better.  Nancy and the team seem open to suggestions.  It is getting better with each update.  I'll admit that my first experience left me wanting to kill it with fire.  I do think there's a middle ground here.  The legacy web client leaves a lot to be desired, but I hear what you're saying.  The beta feels a lot like Ford deciding to replace the next F-150 with a Fiat.  My goal here is to keep the ball rolling and keep coming up with ways the folks at Evernote can beef up that Fiat.

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