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  1. Stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll waitinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  2. It really doesn't help when evernote keeps ***** up so many things that this gets pushed to the bottom. And the feature itself was one that few realized was there until just before it was taken away. Seriously, Evernote.... You had a GREAT feature here! It was much better than using standard speech to text that cuts you off in mid-sentence, you can't make a list from, and there is no audio backup file as there was in the evernote feature that was IMPORTANT! Think about it! You're driving, you make your note. You pause and it stops and you have to restart speech to text again. It gets ugly, gets things wrong, you keep trying to correct and finally you end up having to type your corrections while driving. In the evernote voice to text, it was simple. Press it once. It listens until you stop it. You don't have to worry about it timing out while you think through the list you're making. And in the event that something was wrong, no big deal. You have an audio backup file you can check later. Funny that my Alexa does the same thing now. I can go into the app and not only see what I said, but listen to the audio file if needed. They get it. Why don't you? You were on the cutting edge! And you took it away and put yourself on the back edge.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I tried this and it does work somewhat. But the pasted portion is cut off on the right and I have to click the + sign in the top left to make it wider although there is plenty of room to the right. If I copy an extra column on the right, paste into word, copy from word, and paste into evernote, then it looks right. Bizarre way to go about it. A real PITA that doesn't need to be there. But hey, thanks for finding a workaround. Since then it's gotten a little better I think. Hard to be certain. I just don't get why the change was made in the first place. Before, I could paste cells from excel with no problem. Now I do so but I lose a lot of formatting and the colors.
  4. Hey. Just an FYI - I just went into the settings and made a few changes and now it's back to working right. Not sure which it was and I'm not gonna waste my time trying to figure it out for them. But here are the changes I made: TOOLS>OPTIONS (Note...I have the "show advanced options" box checked) 1.) Under General I unchecked "Enable Beta features and updates"..... I have turned this off several times in the past. Apparently it turns itself back on when each new version releases. BAD JUJU there. Reminds me of another complaint I once made.... When an update rolls out, DO NOT CHANGE THE USER'S SETTINGS! I argued with one of their people about this. Their argument was that they wanted people to know about new features. My point was that if they want to know, they'll read the "Release Notes". If not, they want things as they are. PERIOD..... Anyways, on with what else I did 2.) USE OUTLOOK CONTACTS IN WORK CHAT.... I disabled this. I don't have the work version. I don't use work chat. I don't think it has anything to do with this. But I disabled it. 3.) under the NOTE category I unchecked "Automatically format text elements" (I suspect this is the bug) 4.) I checked "allow images displayed as attachments"..... Presumably this allows you to right click an image you pasted and convert it to an attached file instead of an actual image. It was unchecked. I checked it. I don't think this had anything to do with the problem but who knows? 5.) SEARCH.... maximum number of search suggestions was 0. I changed it to 3. Pretty sure this wasn't the problem, but I was poking around and figured I would change that as well and since it is something I changed between it not working right and working right, I thought I would post it. Anyways, hope this helps. Good luck. If you find any of these in particular solve the problem for you, please post it so others know. Then maybe the people at evernote will know where to start with fixing it. By the way. I did want to point out that this whole time, the web version worked correctly in chrome. That is downright bizarre. Reading through this the Chromebook users and possibly chrome web version users were having problems, possibly because of an ad blocker but I had the exact same "symptoms" on a Win10 Pro machine and the full application. BIZARRE!
  5. Using full version app on Windows and having the same problem. If I double click the note to fully open it, everything is there. But it isn't appearing in the panel on the right as is usually the case. Just started yesterday. Version 6.9. Never had this problem before. Not sure how an adblocker or extension would impact a standalone full windows app. Win10 creator's edition. This goes along with a gripe I posted a long time ago. It seems like everything is always in Beta anymore. You never get a completed piece of software with the bugs worked out by beta testers. They just roll the stuff out and then start working on more changes and trying to fix what they broke last time while introduces new breaks on the next version. That's the world of software today and I'm sickened by it. I used to beta test a lot of stuff for fun. But it was optional as to what I would test and what I didn't. Now it seems like everything I have including Windows itself is just a perpetual beta. For the people at Evernote, just realize that this COULD make a differentiator for you. Stop adding features and breaking others (spreadsheets don't paste nearly as well as they used to by the way......) Take a breather and just fix everything you can find that's broken right now. Go through your list of complaints and address them until you have it perfected. Tell everyone asking for new features to wait until the next release. You will earn RESPECT! Then take those new requests and work behind the scenes on your next release. Make it next year if you have to but roll it out and test the hell out of it before making it a general release and make it OPTIONAL. You will earn MORE RESPECT! And with the respect of being a stable platform you will lose fewer customers and gain more. :-)
  6. For a long time I could copy the cells in an excel spreadsheet and paste them into a note and it looked pretty much mostly like the spreadsheet. It kept the cells, the lines, and even the colors. Now when I go to paste the same thing from the same file, instead I get just plain text. Formatted scrunched up and otherwise a mess. This is annoying. Why do I want to do this? I keep the spreedsheet embedded in the note so I can open it in excel and edit it as needed IF I HAVE TIME TO DO ALL OF THAT. But often I just want to glance at it to look at something. Account numbers, phone numbers, business prospects, etc. So basically while at the PC I will open the spreadsheet itself, do any edits, save it, and copy the cells and paste them into the note as well for quick reference on my phone when needed rather than having to launch excel for a quick piece of information.
  7. I do love a good, friendly debate. :-) You make some good points but there's a few things I think you haven't considered. First, the voice being used by these companies is just different. They aren't even worried about the ability to make a list. Right now their focus is to at least get the words chosen right and to keep it from cutting out while speaking or even totally failing to work. They have a LONG way to go before they'll be able to make a list of items with pauses between them as you think about what you want on the list. It's just not on their "to-do" list. Nor is keeping a backup audio file. For all the short commands it would fill up the memory with hundreds or thousands of files. Meanwhile, Evernote had something that worked perfectly for note-taking. Speech to text, that constantly refreshed so you could pause 10-20 seconds between items to think and continue adding to the list. And then if something was wrong, there was no need to immediately correct it - while driving. You could wait till later and review the audio file. It was as good as it gets for note-taking on a mobile and I'd even like it on my PC. If they made some major changes to the code or platform, I understand that, but really, what benefit did anyone gain from it? Is there any reason anyone can think of that this feature couldn't be easily ported to the new platform? As for the .0000007% - again. I don't think many people even knew it was there. That's a marketing failure. The product itself was very good. And aside from that, probably only .000001% of users actually bother to get on here and let their voice be heard. I think that using that as an excuse not to port a very useful and unique feature is extremely shortsighted. After all, think about Windows Mobile. Ahead of the game by years, but now pretty much cut out of the picture because they failed to recognize the demand until someone else had already taken the market. That's the same mistake being made now by evernote. In the end, we all want to be able to have an integrated note-taking system that can be used by both voice and touch depending on what the situation calls for. And if they don't do it, someone else will. And evernote will become the Windows Mobile of the note-taking world.
  8. Wow. That's not very forward thinking. When the feature came out, no one told me about it. I stumbled onto it by accident. It's likely that few people even knew it was there. Then it was removed right when people were getting used to taking notes and such by phone. But the difference in the way it worked made this actually practical whereas other speech to text options do a horrible job of helping compile lists and they're very frustrating. Marketed properly it could be a big boost for evernote since you could actually make a list by voice that didn't include having to hit the button 20 times and a backup voice file to correct later if the text is wrong. But hey, what do I know about marketing and software? I'm just in tech sales.
  9. Still waiting. When will the devs recognize that the text to speech feature that was built into evernote was NOTHING LIKE the OS versions? It continued to listen, through pauses and all. And provided an audio note as a back. No more repeating, deleting, etc. It was beautiful for making lists which is what evernote is for. It was NOT ideal for simple messaging which is what the OS versions of text to speech were good for. Why do software manufacturers, void of new and exciting ideas, start REMOVING perfectly good and working features just to "refresh" the app? This trend is driving me nuts as every time I get used to doing something, I have to take the time to re-thing and re-work how I do things. When you have something good, LEAVE IT. And if you find a way to improve or ADD functionality do so, but leave the rest alone!
  10. Recently I started to keep an evernote To Do list on my desktop on the right side. It's a narrow note and I have it running the full height of the screen. It's nice to have there. But I got to thinking how much nicer it would be if I could eliminate the taskbar space with a "minimize to tray" option that would just let me bouble-click the evernote icon in the system tray to bring it on top without taking up the taskbar realestate. Or have the option to reverse that and single click to bring it forward and double click to bring up the evernote app (even better implementation). Also, if I could control the color and transparency of that note, that would be very nice. Then I could have a perpetual, translucent note or two on my desktop at all times. Even nicer would be the ability to have it "always" on top so that all my windows open within the remaining space so it's always there to the right. I can think of dozens of ways that this could be useful.
  11. For the record, evernote's implementation of speech to text was FAR superior to the standard speech to text feature, The built in speech to text in the phones cuts you off in the middle of sentences with the slightest pause, frequently refuses to work at all, and provides no backup audio so if after 3-4 times the text is wrong you have to stop and type which is terrible when driving and trying to speak a to do list. Evernote's speech to text remained on, until you stopped it. And provided backup audio. I could tap the icon, say what I needed, pauses and all as I thought, and then stop it and not worry if it got something wrong. i could correct it later listening to the audio if it was important. BAD call, Evernote. Just when I was getting ready to rant about how wonderful it is that you brought some contrast back into the desktop app! (Thanks for that by the way!) I'm assuming someone in development thought "Why do we have speech to text when everyone has a speech to text icon on their phone?" Well, that's why. Speech to text both by google and samsung's implementation among others is not geared towards anything more than a single sentence. It's very cumbersome to work with even in basic text messaging. Trying to make useful lists of things to do is absolutely horrid. Give it a try. Open a new note, tap your text to speech button, then start building a to do list for the day from memory. Do it once and you'll want the feature back as well. :-) Oh, and thanks for confirming at least so I'm not chasing down problems that don't exist. Is there any way to roll back to the previous version? If I had known this in advance I would have refused the update as long as I could.
  12. Unless I'm missing something , speexh to text disappeared from the android app. This was thr single most usefuke feature for me. What's up with that ?
  13. I have a great idea. Make it look like this: No. It's not pretty. It's functional. Quit focusing on how "pretty" and "clean" it is and get some psychologists on your staff instead of artists. Colors and shapes are important queues for the brain and when working, allow the mind to ignore most of the text that bothers the "minimalist purist artists" that seem to be in control. Seriously. The "Beta" is HORRIBLE! Especially on a desktop. In the current mode, I can see my shortcuts, notebooks, notes list, and the note itself. I'm free to drag and drop between them without any trouble. Now I have to click on notebooks and then I get a HUGE list of notebooks that only shows like 4-5 at once instead of the 9-10 that I can see now. So it takes longer to find the note I'm after (assuming I'm not certain about tags or specific words for searching). Then if I click a note, the list of notes disappears. Then the note appears. And if it's the wrong note, back to the drawing board. I can't just keep poking down the notes list. Or hop to the notebooks. This is just the most hideous and bizarre implementation of a notes program I've ever seen. WHY? Here's a tip. TRASH IT. I know you've put a lot of work into it and you think it was a good idea but it's not. If anything even remotely similar became the standard version, you would lose half your users or more. Just take what you have, leave it alone, and work on FEATURES instead of redesign! Seriously. How many man-hours have gone into this? In that time could you have maybe made it possible to resize an image inside a note? Or maybe give the UI some personalization options like letting us choose color schemes? If you feel you MUST finish this, then give it a different name. Something like "Expansion Mode" as a second UI choice. Don't leave it out there hanging like a potential replacement for what you have now. It makes me want to start looking for options "just in case".
  14. Just wanted to let the devs know that I REALLY dislike the Beta on the web version. While it would be nice to be able to hide the notebooks list and the notes list, it should be optional and I see no way to turn off the auto hide. When I click on a note the whole thing disappears on the left. That's terrible for someone like me who moves things around from notebook to notebook. The current is perfectly fine AND faster. The only way to improve it is to allow for some themes so we can Do some things with colors rather than function with the bland interface you have now. Just leave it alone please unless you have a real reason to change something that makes things faster and more efficient.
  15. Still there. Win 7 Professional w/ evernote 4.5.4.x Been over a year now since the first report. Any movement on it?
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