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(Archived) Lack of Checkboxes Cripple Web and Mobile Version

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I've already had some questions about the whole complete vs. not-completed state with respect to notes in the web version. See




Unfortunately, I now have to conclude that without checkboxes, or some other visual notation to indicate a checkbox, the whole todo/done/not done is crippled for both the web and the mobile (phone) versions. For instance, if I see this note on my web version:


Do I know if I need to buy milk or eggs, or both? Nope.

Similarly, if I see the following on my phone (took forever for all the typing, but kind of cool that I can theoretically access my database from my phone. Not going to use it, but that's another story :)):


Do I know which book I've already read? Nope.

Sigh. Crippled. Poor thing, just like Tiny Tim. Needs some checkbox love.

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Be careful with the checkboxes online astreim! They're not working well. In fact, if you edit them online, you can break the desktop version of that note. See: http://www.evernote.com/support/beta/knownproblems.php

This should have been fixed in the .525 build.

Funny, it's under the known problems for the .525 build that I got the following:

The program doesn't correctly display notes with inline To-Do entries that were modified online with a web client. Workaround: don't edit To-Do entries using the Web client.
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