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  1. Thanks for your report. We are working on performance improvements. There are some known problems, not sure if this is one of them. What build are you running?
  2. Thank you for letting us know. We are investigating...
  3. (Archived) Sync and encrypted text

    Yes, Web client doesn't support encrypted notes yet. It's coming soon...
  4. The problem with local file links is that they don't work on the web and, most likely, on other desktop computers you may want to synchronize your data with. So we don't support them at this time.
  5. Yes, we don't have it yet - we capture the source URL, but don't display it. Coming soon...
  6. Interesting... Can you describe in more detail how to reproduce the problem? Do you see this happening with some particular email message? If so, could you share it with us by forwarding it to support@evernote.com?
  7. Of cause! That's why we developed two Web interfaces - desktop and mobile. Please make sure that you are using a desktop version of the Web client, not the Mobile Web version.
  8. Sure, we'll be adding formatting.
  9. What browser are you using? Also, to be sure - this is full Web client, not the mobile version, right? (Mobile version is at http://preview.evernote.com/m)
  10. (Archived) Mobile interface suggestion

    Thank you for the idea! Let us think about this
  11. This is a somewhat unusual use case. Note that these notes with local links won't make sense on the Web or on mobile devices.
  12. (Archived) Time display problem

    Thank you! We are looking into that.
  13. We are aware of this problem and are treating it as a high-priority one.
  14. Us - not reading the forum? No way! Well, we do turn away once in a while to follow up on what we read here...
  15. Thank you for being so considerate! The Known Problems list is at http://www.evernote.com/support/beta/knownproblems.php.