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  1. Other things that come to mind as I'm back on the 4.x version... * being able to see the title, anywhere in the note - I need that. * being able to see/edit/follow the URL with minimal mouse clicks. In EN4 I show the URL/tag bar (Show Note Info) all the time - I use this to quickly follow the URL, or more rarely, edit it. In EN5, I finally figured out that if I'm in the note body itself, I can't see the URL, but if I click in the header, the URL field showed up. Okay, that was acceptable, if annoying. But to edit the URL, I had to click the 'i' and then click some more from there. Why hide so much? The URL is an integral part of many notes * Adding a tag using F3 was annoying. I'm used to typing a few letters, using the up/down keys to select the tag, and then Enter to assign it. Everytime I tried that in EN5, I got these new tags because "enter" just created a new tag with the few typed letters. Instead, I learned eventually that you had to use the "tab" key to assign the tag
  2. I tried the beta on my home Windows box. The flaws regarding have the black/white design and ALL caps have already been mentioned. I did sort of like it because it reminds me of the Evernote on my new mac; it's definitely different from the current windows version. That said, I have to roll back - it's just not good enough for power user work. Things I can't deal with: 1. I've noticed that notes that I create in this version are duplicated. I'll have two notes that are almost the same, just a few minutes apart. If I notice it, not a problem, I just delete the older version. But I don't need duplicate notes. 2. There is no way to search for a tag - love that feature in the current version's feature bar. 3. I can't turn off the merge-view, e.g., the view you get when you select more than one note. There used to be a registry key that would let you go back to the old behaviour. The use case is this, I see a few notes in my note list that I want to merge. I click one - I see the note in the bottom pane. I click another. I want to see this note's content in the bottom panel too, so that I can confirm that it is the note I want to merge. Or delete, or tag, or whatever. I use this functionality all the time at work. The fact that I lose it means I won't be able to upgrade to the beta.
  3. On opening the version-check screen, click on the upper left vertical tab for BITQWIK "Report a BUG!" is in lower right corner as a large blue button The arrow on this link below points to the Report a BUG! option http://www.evernote....d813e80100006b5 Wow. I was letting BitQwik take up only half my screen - it ended after Show Me Some Examples Thanks.
  4. Interesting concept, so I gave this a shot. A few problems so far: 1. http://www.bitqwik.com/first-time-users.php suggests that there is a 'Report a Bug' button in the program; I can't find it. 2. Theoretically, it looks like I can search in a particular notebook, but is there any way to search in a particular stack? e.g., stack:Tips 3. I've tried two different searches that include a notebook name, and neither one returns with results, although I can clearly see the results in Evernote when I do the old-fashioned search. For example, search in BitQwik for are NOT tagged with SAMETIME have HTML in the title are in my TIPS notebook(s) produces zero results. But in Evernote, "notebook:tips intitle:html -tag:sametime" produces results. Note, I do have a stack called "tips" too. I tried other combinations, in case having a notebook with the same name as a stack was the problem. Still failed. I also tried combinations where the notebook name did not start with any special characters, e.g., $, #, etc. If the query is just "in my X notebook", it works fine, but as soon as I combine it with something else, it finds no results. 4. Speaking of in the title, I have to write "in the title" instead of "in title". The latter just results in a popup of 'analyzing query' but nothing gets added to the Your Query field.
  5. Hello. If you are a Windows user there is a method suggested by kvitekp (the Evernote employee who commented earlier in this thread) for disabling the instant search. I am afraid that I don't know of any option yet for Mac users. http://discussion.ev...ns/#entry141919 My DB is 2.7 GB with almost 20,000 notes, about half of which are local. The lag caused me such grief that when I saw Peter's registry hack, I immediately implemented it. Love it.
  6. I find that you can drag one note, which is then named screenclip.png. Depending on how you created the original note, if you drag another, you either get a dialog from Windows, stating "This folder already contains a file named...", or you get a gibberish name without an extension.
  7. I've had this problem twice now. The first time, I sucked it up, uninstalled/reinstalled and then spent a week downloading my EN db from the cloud. It took that long partly because I have a slow internet connection and partly because I had to be at the machine to close the EN error dialog and restart EN. I just had the same problem this past weekend. Using EN 4.5.1 (I don't update that particular machine to pre-releases). It only took the day to complete the sync (no uninstall/reinstall/redownload). I allowed the dialog to send a couple of emails to EN support. Interestingly, there were two different errors notes: * v. (0xc0000005) EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading from 0x00000004 at 0x006604aa * v. (0xe06d7363) C++_EXCEPTION at 0x7620b9bc
  8. Interesting idea; I'll keep that in mind if it happens again. Much easier to reinstall IE than download my database!
  9. Did you try a deep uninstall with Revo? Given that the problem persisted after copying the exb from a working system then it strongly suggests something about the environment on the crashing system was the problem. "Slow internet" could also be an issue. I am starting to suspect that there are some timeout issues in windows sync. I did use Revo - always when dealing with Evernote issues. The machine I copied the exb from is on the same slow internet connection. I honestly don't know what the issue was - the software was working fine and then all of a sudden it wasn't, and it's not a machine I do much with, i.e., I don't install or update very often on that machine. I was sure that copying the exb over would solve the problem, but obviously it didn't. And the syncing never stopped at the exact same note, so it wasn't like I had a bad note or something that was hanging the system. This recent download of the entire database was probably the first time I've done that for that computer - I've always upgraded/evolved my database up to this point (vice downloading from scratch). Shrug. Note, I would file a bug if I had something more to go on, but based on past experience, working with tech support would have just frustrated me
  10. I had the same problem as ken481. I've got EN on three different computers, and all of a sudden one of them started crashing when syncing. It's a large database, and it's an old one, i.e., I've been adding to it for years. I didn't even bother contacting support because I knew that their response would be 'uninstall/reinstall' and then 'download from cloud'. I tried the former twice, but that didn't help. I tried copying the *.exb file from another computer, but that didn't help. I ended up doing the re-download of my entire database, but since I'm on a very slow internet connection on that computer, it took me about 10 days, and that included me checking to see if the app had crashed and then restarting it. I spent quite a bit of time in the activity log and there was absolutely nothing in there that was useful. Actually, I did 'sort of' contact support - every crash gives you the option of sending a message along with the crash report. I allowed the crash report to go a couple of times, and once I included my contact information and description of what I had been doing. Not sure if that system is hooked into the regular tech support email system because I never did receive an email confirmation with a case number. And I am a premium user, so I was a little surprised not to get *something* back. For me, I'm just hoping that the problem doesn't happen again.
  11. Exactly. My most important notes are in local notebooks. These are the only notes that it would even make sense to see in some kind of calendar view (e.g., hmmm, I was working on that problem last month - oh look, there's some related notes on that wednesday.) Basically, just an easier way to search, by seeing the notes in a calendar view.
  12. I like the idea of this, but if it can't access my local (work) notes, then it's pretty much just eye candy for me. That said, I did try to install it on two different machines. On my fast machine, with the fast internet connection, the sync just stops on 11 Nov 10. Looking at the TuskToolsSync.log just spews 15 minutes worth of SyncNote - Unknown exception at 22 Aug 11 08:21 Exception of type 'Evernote.EDAM.Error.EDAMUserException' was thrown. And no matter what I do (e.g., restart the program, tell the task icon to sync), it won't update anymore.
  13. Not what you're asking for, but when you start a new note, and you're in the note editor (by default), you can use F2 to get to the title and F3 to get to the tags part of the info bar.
  14. IME, it's iffy: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=26061&p=110461&hilit=iffy#p110461 Have you only noticed this problem when your tag starts with an underscore? I ask because I noticed something funky with underscored tags in the assign tags dialog. See the attached screenshot. In the assign tags dialog, I've typed five underscore characters, then 'h'. You'll see that the tag names it returns all have 'h' in the sixth position. It seems to be a way to do a one-char at a time wild-card search but I've never figured out how to leverage it.
  15. That change is in the Android client as far as I can tell. You'll probably get more mileage in a different forum
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