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multiselection of notes

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there are times when i wish i could select more than one notes at a time. suppose i have to add more than 50 notes to a particular notebook or i have to tag my 800 notes on different topics. then i feel evernote doesn't fulfill my requirement. i wish there must be a facilty to select more than one note at a time and perform tasks.

is there an alternative you guys can help me out? please sujjest.


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To select a consecutive group of notes, click the first item, hold down the SHIFT key, and then click the last item.

To select non-consecutive notes, hold down CTRL, and then click each item you want to select (if you do this on a selected note it will deselect it)

It may be more convenient to select notes within notebook or tag view. For that you can tag the selected note before switching to another view. (hope it's clear)

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If the web you are out of luck, very tedious to select multiple notes.  If a desk top, what SebR says plus you can click on one note in the listing and then Ctrl-A in Windows, or I think it's CMD-A on the Mac, to select all of them.

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The only clients you can multi select on are the desktop clients. All others are lacking.

A suggestion would be that if you are restricted to Android, do your tagging and bagging at the time of note creation (if possible). If not, wait until you have access to a desktop client. The desktop client is the only one that does bulk editing of anything.

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