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Request: "Private Evernote that syncs to all my devices

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I would love it if evernote had a privacy facility to encrypt a specified notebooks. These privacy notebooks would stay encrypted even in the evernote storage.

The only time these privacy notebooks would be in plain text, is on my devices.


Why is this needed? In order to be able to use evernote for private information, e.g. medical information, financial, and anything else

that would be undesired to be visible to anyone else.


This could be a feature that requires an extra subscription.




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Hi.  There's lots (and I mean LOTS) of discussion hereabouts on encryption,  so I'd suggest a bit of searching for general background.  It is possible (you'll find) to encrypt individual notes,  disk partitions and specific files,  and if you have information that you prefer to keep close by and not to go to the 'cloud',  you will be able to create a local (unsynced) notebook which is stored purely on your local hard drive - although that has its own hazards and you have to keep to a good backup strategy...

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It is not the cloud I am trying to prevent information going into, it is the privacy of that information. I would like to share my data with only my devices and not have anyone, including evernote see what is being used.


yes, a private local note is secure as my system, but it defeats the purpose.



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You've got to have a central hub somewhere for all your devices to sync with. Otherwise you'll have to plug them all into one another.

If that's what you are looking for then Evernote isn't the app for you.

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you could try saferoom.


encrypting your pdfs yourself is another option. i suppose you could buy a surface and use local notebooks on it in order to have everything portable.

but, there is no way to encrypt notebooks, and evernote has shown no interest at all in such a thing (i've been pushing for better security/privacy protections for years now), so i would have to agree with metro about your options.

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@Metrodon and @GM:


The OP is making a *request* for a new feature, so I would expect that he is well aware that Evernote cannot now meet his needs.


Further, his request is the same that many of us have been making for years:  Encryption of notebooks.


I continue to believe this would be a great feature that would have huge benefits for users, but also for Evernote.

It would, IMO, made Evernote a clear leader in the PIM, BIM, information management world.

It would make Evernote a viable solution for many industries that cannot use Evernote today (health, financial, legal, client data of any kind, etc)

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